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Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and Bioscience

End-of-Master’s-degree (TFM) project

Topic selection

Students may:

  • Choose their TFM topic from among those offered by the Master’s degree lecturers.
  • Develop a topic of their interest which they have agreed on with a Master’s degree lecturer, provided they have been approved by the TFM supervisor and the Master’s degree Academic Commission.

Request for approval

Approval for the TFM topic will be requested through a proposal form which must be authorised by the TDM supervisor and approved by the Academic Commission and the Master’s degree’s Academic Management.

The proposal, duly signed and filled in, must be submitted to the Centre’s Secretary’s office three months before the defence. As an exception, the Master’s degree Academic Commission may reduce this period to one month.

The proposal for EFM and supervisor will be valid for two academic years, after which a new proposal must be made.

Charge of TFM topic of supervision

In order to change TFM or supervision, students must first renounce it through reasoned submission addressed to the academic management of the Master's degree. The Academic Commission must answer within a maximum of 15 calendar days, and their decision may be appealed before UPNA’s Postgraduate Studies Commission.


The content of the TFM will vary, according to whether it is research work, or an engineering project.

The EFM report may be written in Spanish, Basque, English or any other official language within the European Higher Education Area. The language for the defence will depend on the language training of the members of the assessing tribunal.

Research project

  • Summary, up to 150 words long.
  • Key words.
  • Index:
  • Background and goals.
  • Material and methods.
  • Outcome and discussion.
  • Conclusions. 
  • Bibliography.  
  • Annexes. 

Engineering project

  • General index. 
  • Report (index including pages; project purpose; background; baseline data; most relevant characteristics of the project; possible solutions; chosen solution; full project description; stages and completion dates; budget summary; conclusions; bibliography).
  • Calculations.  
  • Plans. 
  • Specifications document. 
  • Measurements. 
  • Prices (unit and broken down). 
  • Budget.
  • Annex.


In order to carry out the TFM defence, it is necessary to formalise the registration at the centre's Secretary’s office within the stated periods. In order to be able to register, students must have passed all the Master’s-degree subjects, carried out and paid registration for the TFM, made the proposal and obtained the approval of the centre management.


Delivery and defence calendar


Delivery period

Preferential defence period
17 February 2023 From 1 to 8 March 2023
16 June 2023 

Important: Registration (Anx 1) must be done in June to defend the project in September

From 23 to 30 June 2023

12 September 2023

Those who pre-registered in June will submit the rest of the documents
From 21 to 28 September 2023

All delivery deadlines are at 2PM on the last day of the period


The members of tribunals for TFM will be appointed by the Academic Commission of each Master’s degree. They will send ETSIAN the composition of the tribunals and the defence dates. Defence date, place and tribunal for each TFM will be published on the corresponding notice board at least 48 hours in advance.


Each student will carry out their defence through oral and public exposition. In all cases, they will value: 

  • The format, presentation and language used on the TFM.
  • The oral presentation and answers to the questions asked by the tribunal during the defence.


The tribunal will discuss the mark behind closed doors. They will hear the TFG supervisor if they deem so appropriate.

The TFM mark will abide by the regulations in force for the rest of the subjects of the corresponding Master’s degree.