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Public University of Navarre’s teaching and researching activity is developed in three campuses, two of them located in Pamplona, and the other one in Tudela.  

Arrosadia campus, by Franciso Javier Sáenz de Oiza, is located in the South of Pamplona. Most of UPNA's activity takes place in it. In Pamplona is also the Health campus, located in the hospital area of town, which makes it easier for health degrees students to carry out internships.

The Tudela campus is located in the capital of Navarre’s Ribera region. Its facilities are in the South area of town.

The campuses

Tudela campus

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    Tudela Campus building
    Green areas
    Work space
    Physiotherapy classroom
    Coffee place



The Tudela Campus facilities are in the South of the town, next to the Tarazona road (N-121-C). Its main feature is the Teaching Block, consisting of classrooms, coffee place-cafeteria, events hall and main lecture hall. On both sides of the Teaching Block are the Physiotherapy and Engineering buildings, with laboratories, IT rooms, workshops and offices. Attached to the Teaching Block is the Library, which offers students space to study and work in teams.

The Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Design Engineering, Physiotherapy, the first years of the double Bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science and Physiotherapy, and the University extension degree in Science and Culture are taught at Tudela Campus.


On 2 July 2002, the Parliament of Navarre approved the amendment of UPNA creation law to establish university studies in Tudela. To meet the new regulations, Tudela Campus started its academic work with the implementation of the Master’s degree in High Direction of Agrifood Companies in October 2004. In 2005 the degree in Expert in Quality Management started, as well as activities of Aula de la experiencia (Senior Education). The degrees in Physiotherapy and Mechanical Industrial Technical Engineering, focused on Industrial Design, were implemented in 2006 in two provisional locations: Hospital Reina Sofía and IES (Secundary Education Centre) ETI. The degrees took place in both premises up to academic year 2008-2009, when the final facilities of Tudela Campus were opened.

Buildings and facilities

Nearly 13,000 m2 big, the Teaching Block is the main element in Tudela Campus. It contains 15 regular classrooms, coffee place and cafeterias, one events hall and two main lecture halls. On both sides it has the Physiotherapy and Engineering buildings, and, attached, the library.

The Physiotherapy building, located on one side of the main building, counts on two practice laboratories, an IT room and teachers’ offices.

Located on one side of the main building, the Engineering building counts on workshops, laboratories, IT rooms and offices for teachers.

The Library is attached to the Teaching Block. The Administration area is on the ground floor; seating places and books are on the first floor and the study area on the top floor. Altogether it counts on 164 places divided between the first and second floors, and 5 team-work rooms.


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