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Public University of Navarre’s teaching and researching activity is developed in three campuses, two of them located in Pamplona, and the other one in Tudela.  

Arrosadia campus, by Franciso Javier Sáenz de Oiza, is located in the South of Pamplona. Most of UPNA's activity takes place in it. In Pamplona is also the Health campus, located in the hospital area of town, which makes it easier for health degrees students to carry out internships.

The Tudela campus is located in the capital of Navarre’s Ribera region. Its facilities are in the South area of town.

The campuses

Health campus

    1 / 2
    Main access to the Faculty of Health Sciences
    Rooms inside the Faculty
    Anatomy laboratory
    Medicine students, at the Anatomy laboratory
    Application of virtual reality to nursing
    A student, with an ultrasound device



UPNA's Health Sciences Faculty is located in the hospital area of Pamplona, which makes it easier for students to carry out internships. Bachelor’s degrees in Medicine and Nursing, and Master's degrees in Health Sciences Research and Public Health are taught there.

The facilities count on classrooms, laboratories, library, events hall and the area used as cafeteria. They are being enlarged by a new building planned to be built by 2025. The work is in progress.


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