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Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and Bioscience

Master's degree extracurricular internships

While you study your Master’s degree you may carry out extracurricular internships at external entities. These internships have the same goals as curricular internships, but are not included in the syllabus and are not linked to a subject. However, they will appear in your Diploma Supplement, together with your curricular internship, if applicable.

The allocation of these internships is much more flexible than that of curricular ones - it does not follow a grade ranking, not must it necessarily meet start and end dates which apply in the case of curricular internships. They may be carry out at any given moment, whether in summer or throughout the academic year, as long as the timetables allow so.

  1. Check the offer on the website of the University-Society Foundation
  2. Make sure you meet the requirements 
  3. Apply for your chosen company
  4. Since there may be more than one interested applicant, your application will be assessed by the company, which will choose one

If you have agree to carry out your internship with a company not included in the list:

Check the offer Check the offer