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Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and Bioscience

End-of-degree (TFG) project

Two alternatives are possible:

  1. Proposed by the student:
    • With the approval of the project or paper supervisor.  
    • Approval of the TFG topic. It will be requested through a form addressed to the ETSIAB Director, with the approval of the Management of the department the project supervisor is a member of.
    • It will be submitted to the Administrative Assistance Unit 2 (1st floor, Building Los Olivos)
  2. School's offer: ETSIAB will publish the list of TFG offered before the start of each term, together with the procedure to take part in it.

In order to assign the TFG the priorities established by students will be taken into account and, according to the requirements included in the proposal, the academic record and number of credits of the degree passed every year will be assessed.

Whenever the end-of-degree project (TFG) coincides with the student’s first option, it will be considered final (renunciation or swap will not be possible).


There is a style guide and a standard cover template for TFG of ETSIAB.

IMPORTANT: students must attend the Informational Competencies for end-of-studies projects course.

Other end-of-studies projects may be looked up at the digital archive of UPNA’s Library.

Registration for TFG gives students the right of one call per academic year, to be chosen by the student among those offered by the Centre.


Delivery and defence calendar

End-of-degree projects academic year 2023-2024

Delivery deadline

Preferential defence period

19 January 2024 (2PM)

From 1 to 8 January 2024

31 May 2024 (2PM)

Important: registration (Anx1) must be done in May to defend the project in September

From 12 to 21 June 2024

13 September 2024s (2PM)

Those who registered in May will submit the rest of the documents

From 20 a 27 September 2024

Students pre-registered for Master's degrees – End-of-degree projects academic year 2022-2023

Registration and documents delivery deadline

Preferential defence period

Registration (Anx1) must be done in May to defend the project in September



Tribunals for TFG will be made up by the School. Defence date, place and tribunal for each TFG will be published on the corresponding notice board at least 48 hours in advance.


Each student will carry out their defence through oral and public exposition for no more than 20 minutes. Next, the tribunal will ask any questions or make any commentaries they deem appropriate for no more than 20 minutes.


The tribunal will discuss the mark behind closed doors. They will hear the TFG supervisor if they deem so appropriate.

In all cases, they will value at least:

  • The acquisition of competences according to the provisions established on art 2 of the TFG regulations.
  • The format (style guide).
  • The presentation and language used on the TFG.
  • The oral presentation and answers to the questions asked by the tribunal during the defence.

For assessment, the headings established to that end will be used.

Tribunals and defence
February 2022 February 2022 February 2022
June 2022 June 2022 June 2022

Pre-registered for Master's degreee September 2022

Pre-registered for Master's degree September 2022

Pre-registered for Master's degree September 2022

September 2022

Septiember 2022 Septiember 2022