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Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and Bioscience

Agricultural practices and experimentation rural property


The teaching part of ETSIAB degrees takes place in the Teaching Block, which is the common building for all university. ETSIAB also counts on 59 labs for teaching an research, and a rural property for practices which is over 300,000 sq m. The School also counts on its own meteorological station.



The Agricultural Practices and Research Rural Property is located in the Arrosadia Campus, behind the El Sario building. It takes a little over 300,000 sq m, and has been functioning since 1996.


The rural property is used to carry out practices of students of agronomy degrees. It is also used to support research and development (R&D) projects on agricultural topics carried out at university, among which, students’ End-of-studies projects are included.


The staff assigned for the Practices Rural Property consists of a three-person team: a manager and two agricultural assistants.

The 30 ha of the property, all of which may be irrigated, are divided into different units.

Tunnels and greenhouses covered by plastic

3,320 sq m of tunnels or greenhouses covered and divided into 4 units:

  • 4 forced-air tunnels, 350 sq m-big each
  • 2 multi-layer tunnels, 960 sq m-big each


1,300 sq m of crystal-covered greenhouse, divided into three units which contain the following items:

  • Heat shield
  • Heating system
  • Cooling system
  • Fog system
  • Tube irrigation system
  • Ventilation system
  • Equipment to record environmental parameters
  • Water softener

Garden area

ENGLISH GARDEN, 1,509 sq m. Garden area with grass, pre-existing woodland consisting of large-sized elms and columnar maple trees, limes and hornbeams recently planted. The garden is crossed by a path made up of gravel which ends up on a brook crossing the property, in view of the future bridge that will communicate this garden with future expansions. The path also contains a wooden trellis with climbing rose bushes. All this area is provided with an automatic sprinkler irrigation system.

FORMAL GARDEN, 1,430 sq m. Garden area geometrically shaped made up of gravel roads defined by concrete kerbs delimiting the gardens. These gardens are identically planned, containing buxus bushes shaped as fences and mass, which in some gardens surrounds creeping rose flowerbeds. All this garden is limited by another privet fence, larger than the buxus bushes, arranged in a perimeter closing fashion. The garden features a sprinkling and drip irrigation system connected to a programming device..

COLLECTION OF 48 VARIETIES OF ROSES, divided into four flowerbeds of 325 sq m total. The collection gathers a wide sample of the different sizes and shapes, blooming periods, colours, as well as those best-known and more widely-grown varieties throughout history, as well as those varieties most used nowadays.

Other facilities and devices

  • 6 walk-in freezers
  • 6 germination chambers
  • 4 phytotrons
  • Workshop and garage of agricultural machines with two 91 and 42-HP tractors respectively, with the corresponding farming tools, a motorised plough, two four-wheel vehicles and a van.
  • Rooms prepared for grinding, with 3 mills
  • 5 heaters to dry vegetable material
  • Substrate autoclave
  • Meteorological station
  • Offices
  • Changing rooms


  • Most of the usage of the rural property is linked to carrying out practices corresponding to the ETSIAB degrees.
  • Practices carried out by students correspond to subjects related to Biology and Vegetable Physiology, Edaphology and Climatology, Topography, Viticulture, Crop protection, Herbaceous crops, Fruit growing, Agricultural machines, Aromatic plants, Parks and Gardens, etc.
  • The greenhouses are specially used for research lines and end-of-studies projects.

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El Sario building
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