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Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and Bioscience

Extracurricular Degree Internships

University-Society Foundation, together with the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and Bioscience, is in charge of managing the extracurricular internships for students and graduates of the School.

Every year, students and graduates carry out internships at domestic and foreign companies with a common goal: to take part in the training of the interns. These internships also help companies to get to know and assess the participating students’ capacity to be hired in the future. Even though they are voluntary and not part of the syllabus, these internships will be mentioned in the European Diploma Supplement, together with the curricular internships, in the case the former have been carried out.

Extracurricular internships target last-year students of the School degrees. Since they are not part of the syllabus and no credits are obtained for doing them, an academic assessment is not necessary.

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National internships

Check out internships offered, requirements, and the selection process at University-Society Foundation.

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International internships

The Erasmus+ programme’s goal is to carry out both kinds of internships (curricular and extracurricular) in companies and institutions from countries member of the European Union.


  • To have registered for the university degree the general and/or cross-curricular competencies and specific competencies are linked to.
  • To have passed at least 50% of the credits that appear in the degree syllabus.
  • To not have any contract relation with the public or private company, institution or entity where the internship is to take place.
  • To meet the requirements for each position.

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Additional documents

What it is about

This programme allows two ETSIAB (degree or Master’s degree) students to carry out an internship at University of Georgia (US). The internship will be at least two months long.

Selection criteria

  • Academic record. The marks up to the latest call will be considered.
  • Language skills. At least a B2 level of English is required. This will be verified by the Welcome Department of University of Georgia. A higher than B2 level will be considered when positions are awarded.
  • Students’ acceptance by University of Georgia.

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