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Vice-rector of Academic Policy

Inmaculada Farran BlanchInmaculada Farran Blanch
Tel: 948 16 8956

Inmaculada Farran graduated in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Lleida (1993) and has a PhD from the Public University of Navarre (2001). She is an Associate professor (tenured) in the Vegetal Production area of the Department of Agronomy, Biotechnology and Food.

She carries out her research in the Agrobiotechnology group in the IMAB (Institute for Multidisciplinary Research in Applied Biology). Her research focuses on the biotechnological applications of transgenic plants and particularly biofactory plants for the production of biopharmaceutical compounds and vaccines. She also studies the physiological implications of changes in redox regulation in plants. She has published scientific papers on her specialist subjects in indexed international journals and has co-authored two biotechnological patents. Her research has formed part of research projects publicly funded through regional and national calls for proposals. She has supervised or co-supervised three PhD theses and is currently co-supervising a fourth.

Her academic management posts have included: Secretary of the Department of Agricultural Production (2010-2012), Deputy Head of the School of Agricultural Engineering, with responsibility for the Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural, Food and Rural Environment Engineering (2012-2015), Head of UPNA Qualification Management and Quality (2015-2019) and Vice-rector of Academic Policy (2019-2023).

Area Management Offices

Miguel Ángel Campo BescosMiguel Ángel Campo Bescós
Tel: 948 16 8956

Miguel Ángel Campo Bescós (Huesca, 1979) graduated in agricultural engineering (2003) and obtained a PhD (2011) from the Public University of Navarre. He has completed research stays in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (two stays between 2006 and 2007), a post-doctoral stay at the University of Florida (2012-2013) and a research stay at the same university in 2014.

His teaching work has centred on Agro-forestry Engineering as a Temporary Professor with PhD under contract in the UPNA’s Department of Engineering. He currently teaches in the Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering and Master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing programmes. He has supervised and co-supervised more than 35 final undergraduate and master’s degree projects in both the School of Industrial and ICT Engineering, and the School of Agricultural Engineering, and has taken part in an educational innovation project.

His main research interests focus on the study and modelling of soil erosion, the technification of irrigation and time series analysis of environmental processes. He has participated in 18 research projects (2 as PI) funded by public calls at international, national and regional levels. He has also taken part in 24 technology transfer projects (TTO), being the principal investigator in 13 cases. He has co-authored 29 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 25 of them in JCR-indexed publications (h-index 14) and journals in the top third of their category ("Water Resources", "Remote Sensing", "Soil Science" "Geosciences Multidisciplinary"). He has presented more than 80 papers at international and national conferences.

As for his experience in academic management at the UPNA, he has been Deputy Head (2015-2016) and Secretary (2016-2018) of the Department of Agricultural Projects and Engineering. He is also the secretary of the Academic Committee for the Master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.

Silvia Arazuri GarinSilvia Arazuri Garín
Tel: 948 16 8956

Silvia Arazuri is a Technical Engineer in Fruit and vegetable growing and Gardening , an Agricultural Engineer and holds a PhD from Public University of Navarre. She started working as a lecturer back in 2002 and she now teaches subjects related to agricultural engines and agricultural mechanisation mostly, as well as subjects related to Health and safety and Territorial and landscape planning.

In the management area, she has been the Secretary and Deputy Director of the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and Biosciences (2012-2016), as well as the Director of said centre (2016-2020). She is the Academic Director of the University Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering and the Academic Secretary of the University Master’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety. Besides, she has been the Director of the AN Chair and the Deputy Director of the Department of Projects and Rural Engineering. 

Regarding research, she is a member of the Agricultural Mechatronics group, and the main lines she takes part in are the following: on the one hand textural and optical properties, and image analysis to establish the quality of agricultural products; on the other hand spectroscopy application and hyperspectral image to identify non-visually alterations caused by biotic and abiotic components in crops such as vine or potato. She has collaborated in the publication of 35 articles in prestigious international journals, in 47 articles in technical and outreach journals, in various book chapters and in the making of training material for health and safety. She is currently co-leading the TED2021-130364B-I00 project: New technologies to improve the management of vineyards for non-invasive early detection of wood diseases.

Imanol Núñez AldazImanol Núñez Aldaz
Tel: 948 16 9413

Since 2009, Imanol Núñez Aldaz has been a Tenured Professor in the University’s Department of Business Administration, where he has taught in both Basque and English, chiefly in the Faculty of Economics and Business Science.

Imanol has a PhD in Business Administration and Management from the Public University of Navarre (2005) and has taken part in several national and international research projects as a member of the Economics and Business research group, and a number of projects for the Research Results Transfer Office (OTRI). He also served as Secretary of the Faculty of Economics and Business Science from 2009 to 2015.

His research interests centre on the labour market and education, with a particular focus on differences in terms of employability and/or job satisfaction among graduates who have come through the different European education systems. He has published over twenty articles in prestigious international journals and reviews manuscripts for a number of these publications.

He also directs the Public University of Navarre’s Advanced Language Centre.