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Vice-rector of University Awareness, Culture and Dissemination

Begoña Pérez EransusBegoña Pérez Eransus
Tel: 948 16 8462

Begoña Pérez Eransus (Pamplona, 1974) is Tenured Professor of Social Policy in the Department of Sociology and Social Work at the Public University of Navarre. She won the Completion of Studies Prize (1997) and earned a PhD in Sociology with the highest grade from the same university (2005). Accredited by ANECA as Assistant Professor with PhD, Professor with PhD under contract and Tenured University Professor, she received tenure in 2012.

Her lines of research focus on the study of inequalities and social policies. She has been involved in seven competitive R&D calls (two European, two Spanish and three regional) as researcher and was the Principal Investigator in five of these (one European, one Spanish and three regional). Her most noteworthy projects include: “Enhancing the Right to Social Inclusion through Service Integration” (EU, 2016-2019) and “Inclusion policies in the Autonomous Communities, place in the European context and response to new situations” (MINECO, 2015-2017). She has authored and co-authored 45 academic publications, including 17 articles in leading journals dealing with inequality, 10 books and 18 book chapters. She has two acknowledged six-year periods of research. In 2005, she undertook a research stay at the Institute for Employment Research at the University of Warwick and another in 2014 at the headquarters of the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington. She has also supervised 3 PhD theses (2013, 2016, 2017).

Her commitment to the social outreach of the university has taken the form of multiple collaborations with public institutions and non-profit organisations aimed at improving social policies. She has worked as a researcher in 16 projects with regional and local authorities: "Navarre Plan to Combat Social Exclusion” (1998, 2005), "Evaluation of home care in Navarre" (2001), "Community of Madrid Plan to Combat Exclusion” (2002), "Navarre Social Service Community Care Plan” (2005), "Evaluation of the Navarre Plan to Combat Social Exclusion” (2008), "Guaranteed Income Act” (2016), "Social Services Act” (2016), "Navarre Inclusion Plan” (2017), "Consultancy work for Madrid City Council Social Services” (2018) and "Reorganisation of Pamplona City Council Social Services” (2018-19). She has also worked with non-profit organisations, such as Obra Social La Caixa, Foessa (Cáritas España’s study foundation) and the Inter-American Development Bank. As a result, she has coordinated international and national comparative studies, such as "Institutional responses to Changing Challenges in Social Protection" (Inter-American Bank, 2015), "Crisis and Social breakdown in Europe” (Caixa, 2012) and Foessa Foundation Reports on Social Exclusion in Spain (2008, 2011, 2014, 2019).

She also collaborates with the public authorities in the design of training activities for professionals involved in social intervention. She has directed the Specialist Diploma in Social Intervention with Families, Children and Adolescents (2016), Expert in Social Services Management at Primary Care level university course (2016-2017) and Specialist courses in Foster Care, Children, Integration and Autonomy for Social Services at Primary Care level (2018-2019). She regularly collaborates with the Navarre Security School and the Social Schools of Tudela, Villava and Barañáin.

Since 2015, she has led a research team which has a high number of researchers in training.

Her experience in university management comes from occupying the posts of Vice-Dean of Social Work (2004-2008, 2008-2012) and secretary of the Department of Sociology and Social Work (2018-2019). She has been director of the UNESCO Chair in Citizenship, Coexistence and Pluralism since 2014, promoting over these years multiple dissemination and training activities aimed at Navarrese society as a whole. She has also been a member of the D18 social science committee for the evaluation of teaching staff in the ACADEMIA programme (ANECA) since 2016.

Area Management Offices

Lucía Martínez VirtoLucía Martínez Virto
Tel: 948 16 8462

Lucía Martínez Virto (Falces, 1985) holds an undergraduate degree in Social Work (2006), a Master’s degree in Social Welfare (2008), the qualification of Expert in Gender (2019) and a PhD from the Public University of Navarre (2013). She has worked in Social Work and Social Services at the UPNA since 2009, first as a pre-doctoral trainee researcher in the Alter team (2009-2013), then as a post-doctoral researcher (2014), Associate Professor (academic years 2013-2014) and Assistant Professor with PhD (2014-2018), and now as Professor with PhD under contract (2018-present).

Over these years, she has specialised in inclusion policies, social work and social services, fields in which she has gradually consolidated an intense research and teaching career. As a researcher, she has participated in more than 24 research projects and contracts: two European projects, four R&D projects funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs, two regional R&D projects -one as principal investigator-, and several TTO contracts -seven as principal investigator. Worthy of note among these are the Navarre Inclusion Plan (2017), the Assessment of the new Social Services primary care model for Pamplona City Council (2018) and the Review of the Spanish minimum income system (Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, and EU, 2016). She has also worked as a researcher in the CIPARAIIS chair[e1] , actively participating in its two reports on poverty and social exclusion in Navarre (2012, 2015), and is a member of the UNESCO chair, both leading centres in the field of social outreach and action in Navarre.

As a result of this research work, she has to her name 20 papers in journals, 2 guest articles, a working paper, one book as sole author, 4 co-authored manuscripts and 15 book chapters. She has also given papers at 15 international events (workshops and conferences), coordinated three panels at national conferences and given 12 papers at national and regional conferences. Meanwhile, she has worked extensively in knowledge dissemination and transfer: she has given 21 papers at specialist seminars and events, taken part in 8 territorial committees as an expert on Social Work and Social Services, and organised a total of 9 scientific meetings and seminars focusing on social action in Navarre. She has completed several research and teaching stays in different countries (Kent-UK, Turkey, Portugal, Peru, Hungary and the Netherlands).

She has taught in the Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Master’s degree in Social Intervention programmes since 2012. She has also coordinated the Specialist Diploma in Social Intervention with Families, Children and Adolescents (2016-2018), for which she is currently Academic Director (2019). She is in charge of mobility with the Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary) and the University of Perugia (Italy). She also has teaching experience at Master’s degree level at other universities and has supervised Bachelor's and Master’s degree final year projects and a doctoral thesis (2017).

Gurutze Pérez ArtiedaGurutze Pérez Artieda
Tfno: 948 16 9302

Gurutze Pérez Artieda (Pamplona, 1971) graduated and obtained a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Public University of Navarre. After three years working as a researcher in the field of metallic materials at technology centres in Navarre, she joined the Public University of Navarre as Assistant Professor in 2002 and is now a Tenured University Professor of Manufacturing Process Engineering.

She has taught in a range of engineering degree programmes, such as the Bachelor's degrees in Industrial Engineering and Electrical Engineering, and the Master’s degrees in Industrial Engineering and Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, and supervised numerous final projects for these qualifications. In 2012 she received the UPNA’s Award for Teaching Excellence. She has given sixteen papers at educational innovation conferences (IEEE EDUCON, FIE, FECIES, CUIEET).

In the field of research, she is a member of the Thermal and Fluid Engineering group and a researcher in the Institute of Smart Cities (ISC). Her interests have chiefly focused on surface treatment and coating processes, material optimisation for engineering applications and the study of conductivity and thermal contact resistance in thermoelectricity. In these areas, she has participated in sixteen publicly funded research projects and a further five privately financed projects, published fifteen papers in international journals and given 24 papers at international conferences, at one of which she won the prize for the best poster in 2017 (36th International Conference on Thermoelectrics).

In academic management, she has been Deputy Head of the School of Industrial and ICT Engineering -ETSIIT- (2008-2014), the coordinator of 2 degrees and a member of the ETSIIT School Board, and the work groups for the development of four degree programmes. She was also Deputy Head of the old Department of Mechanical, Energy and Materials Engineering (2016-2018) and has been Secretary of the Master’s degree in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering (2015-2019) and Deputy Head of the current Department of Engineering (2018-2020).

For some years, she has taken part in outreach and dissemination activities, such as the "Yo quiero ser científica" (I want to be a woman scientist) project or the "Ciencia y Misterio" (Science and Mystery) series. She collaborates with certain media channels (press, radio and podcasts) and other initiatives, such as Science weeks. She is a member of the Association of Women Researchers and Technologists (AMIT) and has directed the UPNA’s Women, Science and Technology Chair since it was founded.