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Faculty of Health Sciences

Health Sciences Education Unit


The Health Science Education Unit (UECS) welcomes and supports teachers of the Faculty’s Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees by organising various training activities focused on research and innovation advising and promotion within the health education scope.

  • To organise training activities that improve the quality of the teaching-learning process.
  • To advise teachers on different ways to teach and assess, adapted to each Bachelor’s degree.
  • To foster teaching innovation within the Health scope.
  • To develop research in the Health Science Education area.
  • To offer teachers personalised assistance.

Person in charge: Cristina Rodríguez

Unit Assistants:

Technical staff to support simulation

Training activities are carried out in cooperation with the Higher Centre of Educational Innovation (CSIE).

Besides, group and individual assessment sessions are held to assist teachers individually with any demand and need they may present.

  • To analyse learning outcomes according to teaching methodologies.
  • To validate teaching tools and activities used to acquire competencies.

A pretend patient (PS) is a person trained to play the role of a real patient, relative or companion in a believable way. The goal of the Pretend Patients’ Teaching Programme (PDPS) of the Health Sciences Education Unit (PPASI-UECS) is to use this teaching resource for both improving teaching quality and assessing the competencies acquired by students. 

Contact PDPS - WhatsApp: 638 820 033

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