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Faculty of Health Sciences

End-of-degree (TFG) project

TFGs may be as follows:

  • Bibliographic review
  • Bibliographic review with intervention proposal
  • Bibliographic review with improvement
  • Bibliographic review with care plan
  • Bibliographic review with business plan
  • Bibliographic review with entrepreneurship project
  • Bibliographic review with public data analysis

The mission of the TFG supervisor is to set the TFG specifications, guide the student during its development in issues related to the topic structure, writing, philosophy or approach, guarantee that the goals set at the beginning are met in the planned time, authorise its presentation and defence. The task of the supervisor begins at the moment the student is assigned a TFG supervisor.

A TFG may be supervised by a professor of a department of Public University of Navarre who teaches in the corresponding degree. At the discretion of the supervisor, the student may count on another UPNA professor as joint supervisor, or on an external advisor.

In September the faculty publishes the list of topics and supervisors in the appropriate area within MiAulario. On the stated date of that same month students choose a topic, according to their degree's academic record up to that date.

Students choose their TFG electronically and automatically, before the date established by the faculty. The choice is personal for each student.

Each project is presented before a tribunal. The tribunal consists of two members appointed among the faculty's teaching staff. The assessing tribunal's assessment is 100% of the mark of the TFG - 75% for the written document and 25% for the public presentation following the criteria established on the heading

The TFG report must be submitted using a specific format, following the rules established on the subject’s guide. For the public presentation ceremony, a poster must be made - it must follow the instructions of the aforementioned guide.

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