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Faculty of Health Sciences


UPNA students

If you are a UPNA student you may study at a domestic or foreign university for a semester or academic year.

International students

Would you like to come to study to UPNA? Are you going to study this year at UPNA?

Teaching staff mobility

Are you a teacher at another domestic or international university and you wish to stay at UPNA?

What does the Faculty of Health Sciences offer you?


  • A great range of destinations to stay in different European Latin American and African countries.
  • Students have the possibility to carry out health care, community and educational internships in the health care area.
  • 39.1% of Nursing students and 23.6% of Physiotherapy students stayed at other universities during the academic year 2020-2021.
  • A growing number of students from other national and international centre carrying out internships and courses in the Faculty of Health Sciences at UPNA.
  • Wide range of subjects and courses in Spanish and Basque for visiting students.
  • Spreading and strengthening international collaborations which guarantee the students and professors’ mobility.