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Faculty of Health Sciences

Body and brain donation programme for educational and research purposes

Logotipo programa de donación de cuerpos


Area in charge: Human Anatomy and Embryology area (Health Sciences Department), of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Body donation for educational and research purposes carries high social value due to the importance it has for the training of future medical professionals, for the development or techniques by specialists in surgical specialities, and for the progress of biomedical research. 

In order to carry out this teaching and research practice, Public University of Navarre counts on a body donation programme in the Human Anatomy and Embryology area (Health Sciences Department), of the Faculty of Health Sciences in Pamplona.

Relevant documents:

The programme includes the following stages and conditions:

Body donation for educational and research purposes is a voluntary and altruistic act highly important to train doctors and other health professionals. Not only is it about the comprehensive human body teaching to our students, but it also helps medical and surgical innovation to progress.

People interested must be of age.

They must fill in the application form in the documentation programme. Once the form has been filled in, it must be submitted together with a photocopy of the CIF (Tax identification code):

  • In person, to the Human Anatomy and Embryology Area of UPNA’s Faculty of Health Sciences (Hospital Area)
  • Via regular mail to: Donation programme / Human Anatomy and Embryology Area. Faculty of Health Sciences, UPNA. Avda. Barañain s/n. 31008 Pamplona - Navarra.
  • Via e-mail to:

The interested person will receive in their home a card that will recognises him as a body donor.

The donor will communicate their relatives, friends and/or health centre that, in case of death, they must inform funeral home Irache of it as soon as possible, on the 948 19 70 70 (available 24/7). The funeral home will convey this information immediately to the university staff.

  • When the cause of death entails legal intervention (accident, etc).
  • When the donor suffers from an infectious or contagious disease at the time of death (hepatitis, AIDS, tuberculosis, etc).
  • When the body has had an autopsy or major surgery conducted (amputations).
  • When organs for transplant have been extracted (except corneas donation).
  • When the death is communicated after 24 hours.
  • Obesity incompatible with body preservation.
  • Death outside the Navarre area.

Acceptance of a donation always requires the death certificated signed by an authorised doctor.

Acceptance of the donation depends on availability of room to store, deal with properly and preserve the body in the facilities of the Anatomy Area of the Faculty of Health Sciences of UPNA. If there is no storage room, the donation may not be handled.

Once the related persons (relatives, friends, health centre, etc) have notified the death of the donor to funeral home Irache, the burial services will inform them of the documents they must provide (death certificate being one of them).

Once administrative procedures have been carried out, the burial services will bring the body to the facilities of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Public University of Navarre.

Later, the technical staff will proceed to process the body to preserve it in the Faculty facilities.

Once the anatomy study has been completed, the remains will be incinerated according to the donor's instructions, stated in the Donation document. The cost of incineration in the agreed cemetery will be covered by Public University of Navarre. The body donation is compatible with any death insurance in the conditions said insurance states, thus relieving Public University of Navarre of the payment of such costs. It is advisable to maintain the death insurance, taking into account that there may be circumstances that prevent the donation.

For more information on the body donation programme:

  • Dr Ana M. Insausti Serrano or Merche Murillo Lalana
    Human Anatomy and Embryology Laboratory. Faculty of Health Sciences
    948 168 449 / 659 776 690
  • Funeral home Irache
    948 197 070

Body donation programme for educational and research purposes

Public University of Navarre
Faculty of Health Sciences
Avda Barañain s/n
31008 Pamplona (Navarre)
Phone no 948 16 84 49/ 659 776 690

Personal data obtained through the body donation programme for educational and research purposes of Public University of Navarre will be processed according to Regulations (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 regarding protection of individuals in the matter of processing personal information, and the free circulation of such information, which repeals Directive 95/46/CE (Data Protection General Regulation), and Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on Personal Data Protection and digital rights guarantee, and the Personal Data Protection Conduct Code of Public University of Navarre.

Likewise, the technical and organisational measures necessary to guarantee processed personal information protection.

UPNA will process the personal information of the body donation programme with prior and informed consent of the interested person, who must provide so through a clear affirmative action.

The purpose and legal foundation of the personal information processing carried out by UPNA in this body donation programme may be checked in the “Body donation for research” area of UPNA’s Processing Activities Registry (Registro de actividades de tratamiento - RAT). You may also check in this link the period of time personal information is kept, and if it is planned to be used.

The interested people may exercise their access, modification, cancellation and processing limitation rights, and personal data transfer rights, and processing objection rights, and, where appropriate, their right to not being objected to decisions solely based on automatic data processing, by sending a document to UPNA’s Data Protection Delegate including a photocopy of their ID card or similar document which proves their identity, to the following address:

Data protection Delegate
Public University of Navarre
Faculty of Health Sciences
c/ Avda Barañáin s/n 31008 Pamplona (Navarre) or e-mail address

More information on personal information protection at Public University of Navarre.