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Faculty of Health Sciences

End-of-Master’s-degree projects

  • The goal of the End-of-Master’s-degree project (TFM) in Public Health is to integrate the specific competences defined for the Master’s-degree.
  • It consists of drafting a Public Health Plan in a specific area.
  • The topic of the TFM is chosen by each student, according to their interests.  
  • The Academic Commission of the Master's degree assigns each student a professor to supervise their work among all the professors belonging to the Preventive Medicine and Public Health unit of the Faculty of Health Sciences.
  • Each student counts on the support of the Library resources to research bibliography related to the TFM topic with the purpose to found the conceptual framework, justification and current situation of the chosen topic.

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The End-of-Master's-degree project of the Master’s Degree in Health Sciences Research consists of developing and original research work in the health sciences field which integrates the specific competences of the chosen core and mandatory subjects.

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