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Who we are


The Research Institutes are a Public University of Navarre’s initiative to build multidisciplinary teams that improve the communication, interaction and joint work of researchers of different areas.

These teams generate knowledge of high academic rigour and excellence, foster efficient transfer to society and the production sector and facilitate complex problem resolution.


Research institutes aim at generating knowledge in a multidisciplinary fashion, and offer solutions to future challenges. Through research projects, contracts and setting up innovative spin-offs, they transfer the generated knowledge to society. In addition, the boost networking and cooperation with projects both from Europe and the rest of the world.

In order to meet these goals, the institutes always follow their mission, vision, values and ethical principles. 

Our mission

To promote technological and non-technological innovation of the business fabric of Navarre in the institutes’ activity areas (Smart Cities, New Materials, Economy and Business and Food Chain), to channel Public University of Navarre’s researching capacity and to foster the knowledge and business competitiveness’ development.

Our vision

To be a centre of reference in the technological and non-technological scientific transfer of the academic world to the rest of society, basing not only on the success of the research outcome, but also on the quality of the relations among the interested parties, as well as to take part in European an international networks and projects.

Our values

Researching level, pro-active collaboration, commitment and involvement, professionalism and rigour, continuous improvement and entrepreneurial attitude.

Our ethical principles

Transparency in relations, confidentiality, respect for people and the environment and commitment to society.

The Institutes

The Public University of Navarra has 6 research institutes:

Learn more about our research ecosystem in this video: