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Who we are

Institute for Advanced Research in Business and Economics (INARBE) is an institute focused on analysing the decisions made by the economic actors and their effects on companies, markets, economic development and social well-being. .


INARBE carries out research activities with high academic rigour (scientific publications, organisation of seminars, specialised conferences, etc.), while also offering advanced training programmes for doctoral students and professionals, as well as consultancy services for public and private economic players.

INARBE consists of over a hundred researchers. Its projects cover three different areas: 

  • Economic analysis of organisations and business strategy.
  • Economic analysis of markets.
  • Analysis of public policies. 

INARBE researches from the Business, Economy and Law scopes. The resulting interactions and synergies are the joint response to current challenges which, within an ecological and digital transition context, require the cross-disciplinary analysis proposed from INARBE. 

INARBE collaborates internationally with publications, projects, and research networks in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, and Oceania. It also has connections with multilateral organisations and multinational companies. 

INARBE has established itself as a benchmark in knowledge transfer since its inception in 2015. As a research institute belonging to Public University of Navarre, it has collaborated with the European Commission and international organisations, ministries, public administrations, the Government of Navarre, regional government departments, local entities, institutes, consulting firms, legal entities, public corporate bodies, public companies, universities, foundations and associations, companies (SMEs and multinational corporations), and NGOs.

INARBE develops its educational side as a host institution for post-doctoral researchers, assisting them in promoting their academic careers, and participates in both official Master's and Doctoral programmes together with the Doctorate School of Navarre (EDONA).