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Who we are

I-COMMUNITAS is an institute devoted to enhancing quality research in the field of the Human and Social Sciences, favouring interdisciplinary practices which result in the training of new researchers, the promotion of new postgraduate courses and a greater projection in society of new knowledge, proposals and ideas generated to make their contribution to human and social development more effective.


I-COMMUNITAS (Institute for advanced social research) defines itself as a multidisciplinary research community composed of researchers from the fields of the Human Sciences, Social Sciences and Law at the Public University of Navarra who share common interests.

The Institute is dedicated to the promotion of scientific and intellectual exchange in these areas with three basic objectives:

  • To make visible the excellent research in the field of Human Science, Social Science and Law that is carried out at the Public University of Navarre..
  • To strengthen ties between the human science, social science and legal disciplines in order to promote interdisciplinary and transversal research practices.
  • To fortify collaboration with institutions, companies and associations which operate directly in the cultural, social, political, legal and communication spheres, contributing more effectively to the strengthening of civil society in its broadest sense.