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The Sensory Analysis Laboratory (LAS) managed by Dr Paloma Torre, professor in the Nutrition and Bromatology area of the Department of Environmental Sciences, is located on the ground floor of the Los Olivos building of Public University of Navarre.   

Research areas

The main activity of the laboratory is the sensory analysis of various foods according to the demand of companies.  Since 1992, it has conducted official tastings, at the request of the Regulatory Councils of Quality Denominations, for the sensory quality control of Navarre products such as cheese Roncal with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), asparagus with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), and Piquillo peppers with PDO. The research projects carried out include the following:

  • Research study on the Sensory Quality of Lodosa Piquillo Peppers with PDO in different presentations (Institute of Agri-food Quality) (Agri-food Quality of Navarre (ICAN)
  • Consumer perception of the sensory quality of Lodosa PDO Piquillo peppers and IGP asparagus of Navarre, as well as non-branded products (ICAN)
  • Sensory analysis of cardoon (OLUS TECNOLOGÍA, S.L.)

The IS-FOOD laboratory has various pilot plants where it is possible to work on industrial production processes on a small scale.  The following plants stand out:

  • High-pressure equipment and drying chambers
  • Vacuum cooling systems 
  • Pilot plant for dairy derivatives processing
  • Pilot plant for processing vegetable preserves
  • Scraped surface heat exchanger system (for soups or sauces with solid pieces)
  • Systems for freeze-drying, microencapsulation, etc.  (powdered milk, atomised)
  • Packaging systems in different atmospheres
  • Systems for shelf-life analysis and food safety

The IS-FOOD laboratory also has equipment that allows it to work with companies from all agri-food sectors, from meat industries to cereals or extraction industries, and oenology.  The equipment includes:

  • climate chambers
  • colony seeders and counters
  • viscometres