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Scientific dissemination

Public University of Navarre offers secondary school centres of Navarre (Obligatory Secondary School, Professional Training and Bachillerato (16 and 17 years old) a cycle of conferences which intends to move a wide range of scientific and technological topics closer to secondary students.

The scientific dissemination talks, which have been successfully being offered since the academic year 2005-2006, are taught by over 40 university professors, among which are researchers of the ISFOOD.

These talks are complemented by videos called “Scientific dissemination for Bachillerato”, such as those below, in charge of researchers of the ISFOOD.

The Conversation is the main Internet platform to disseminate informative articles signed by lecturers and researchers. By virtue of agreements with renowned universities and scientific centres all over the world sich as Public University of Navarre (UPNA), lecturers and researchers publish their papers there, and remain at the disposal of the media to be republished. The goal is for scientific and academic knowledge to reach all society.

Below is a collection of articles written by researchers of the Institute for Sustainability & Food Chain Innovation (ISFOOD) of the Public University of Navarre published in the Spanish edition of The Conversation.

Public University of Navarra (UPNA) counts on a dissemination blog which does not include technicalities, to raise awareness on the research carried out in the institution, and the main advances in the subjects studied in the academic centre. The logbook, called Science translator, tries to explain and interpret topics related wo knowledge, science and technology.

Below are the articles published by researchers of the ISFOOD:

Ciencia al punto is the scientific dissemination podcast of Public University of Navarre. Below appear podcasts of researchers of the ISFOOD of the Public University of Navarre.

Podcasts in Spanish

Podcasts in Basque

Researchers at Institute of ISFOOD have taken part in radio shows at different stations  (Cadena SER, Cadena COPE u Onda Cero, among others). In their interviews, they have disseminated different aspects of science and technology.

“Teknopolis” is a show about science and technology produced together with Fundación Elhuyar broadcast on ETB1 and ETB2, two of the the channels of Basque public tv station ETB.

Report on the UPNA research ecosystem - Vídeo in spanish / Video in basque

Report about ISFOOD - Video in spanish / Video in basque