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Double Master’s degree in Secondary Education Teaching and History and Memory



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Become a specialist in the management and dissemination of memory and heritage, and get ready to teach History in any Secondary Education stage.
The Master’s degree in Secondary Education Teaching qualifies students to work as a teacher of ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) and Bachillerato (similar to A levels). 


Master’s degree in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Why study the Double Master's Degree in Secondary Education Teaching and History and Memory

  • You will acquire interdisciplinary knowledge in memory and history essential for heritage management and education.
  • You will obtain the necessary qualification to work as a teacher and to access public exams to become a Secondary Education Teacher.
  • You will have the chance to carry out an internship in educational centres both public and state-subsidised private ones.
  • Highly skilled teachers.

You can do this master's degree with:

Training in competencies


From which degrees can I access the Double Master's degree in Secondary Education Teaching and History and Memory?

  • Bachelor’s degree in History and Heritage
  • Bachelor's degree in History
  • Bachelor’s degree in Geography of History of Art

What will I be able to work in when I finish the Double Master's degree in Secondary Educational Teaching and History and Memory?

  • Teacher of all Secondary Education stages
  • Heritage management in museums, archives or interpretation centres
  • Scientific research in the History, Heritage and/or Memory areas
  • Heritage education

Learning outcomes

Access and admission

Access requirements

To be admitted to the official Master's Degree courses, students must hold an official university degree issued by a higher education institution in the European Higher Education Area or in other countries which entitles them to access Master's degree courses in the country issuing the degree.

Access requirements Access requirements

Specific criteria for the double Master's degree

The academic record of the Bachelor’s degree used to access it will establish the admission and registration order. In any case, the minimum grade to be admitted must be equal or higher than the admission grade to each of the Master’s degrees included in this double Master’s degree.


Students may only register for the subjects in that academic year's specific teaching plan. Students of the double Master’s degree must register for the first academic year in full.

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