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Master's degrees: access and admission


Who can access a Master's degree?

Access options

  • Spanish Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Master’s degree.
  • Official university degree of another country within the European Higher Education Area which qualifies students to access Master’s studies in the country it was obtained.
  • Degree in line with other foreign educational systems. The university must verify that the degree studied proves a training level equivalent to Spanish official degrees, and qualifies students to access a Master's degree in the country it was obtained.
  • Access with conditional registration
    • Students who have not finalised their Bachelor's degrees may access certain Master’s degrees, provided only their TFG (end-of-Bachelor's-degree project) and up to a maximum of 9 ECTS are pending to pass.

    • Conditional registration students may pre-register before either deadline, in agreement with article 18.4 of Royal Decree 822/2021. Said students will only be allowed admission in the second and following admission lists.

    • No conditional registration will be allowed in the following university Master’s degrees: 

      • Master’s degree in Access to the Legal Profession and Representation
      • Double Master's degree in Access to the Legal Profession and Representation and Tax, Labour and Accounting Consultancy
      • Project Management
      • Master’s Degree in Gender, Women and Equality Studies
      • Master’s degree in Secondary Education Teaching
      • Double Master’s degree in History and Memory and Secondary Education Teaching 
      • General Health Psychology 

Distribution of places for admission to the academic year 2024/2025

Specific requirements

  • Admission will follow specific requirements and appraisal criteria decided by each Master’s degree or those established by university.
  • Specific requirements may be checked on “Access and admission” section of each Master's degree's presentation.
  • Foreign students must prove a B1 level in Spanish, unless a higher level is requires in the degree's syllabus. This requirement will not have to be met by those who passed in Spanish the studies leading to the Master’s degree. In the case that students may not provide a certificate, they may take the specific test organised by Public University of Navarre’s Language Centre. For more information click on the following link.
  • Recognition of the degree
    • In order to access a Master's degree qualifiying for professional practice from foreign educational system’s degrees, the degree must be recognised. Exceptions may apply to the master's degrees in Secondary Education Teaching and Health General Psychology. In this respect, please consult the specific page of the master's degree.
    • The master's degrees qualifiying for professional practice in the UPNA are:
      • Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering
      • Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering
      • Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering
      • Master’s degree in Secondary Education Teaching
      • Master’s degree in Access to the Legal Profession and Representation
      • Master's degree in Health General Psychology
  • Access from degrees obtained in foreign educational systems does not entail degree validation, or its recognition for purposes other than admission to a Master’s degree.

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