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Master's degrees: access and admission




Pre-registration Pre-registration

Students who have not finished the studies required to access the Master’s degree may pre-register before either deadline - preferably before the first one. The academic record with marks provided will be weighed at pre-registration. In the case that it is not provided, the academic record will be weighed with a mark of 5.0 and it will not be modified even though it is provided later.
 *Exception: in Master's degree with no conditional registration allowed (Project Management, Secondary Education Teaching, Access to the Legal Profession, Public Health, Health General Psychology), it is advised to pre-register before the first deadline even though the degree is not finalised. As soon as the student is given the diploma and full academic record, they will submit those documents to be assessed.

Required documents

When you pre-register on-line, on the “Adjuntar documentos (Attach documents)” screen you must include the following documents.

How to submit the documents

  • During on-line pre-registration, in the “Adjuntar documentos (attach documents)” tab


  • The documents must be submitted before the deadline in the corresponding pre-registration period.

Double Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Management

Double Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Advanced Communication and Artificial Vision

Double Master's degree in Computer Engineering and Cybersecurity

Double Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Cybersecurity

Double Master’s degree in History and Memory and Secondary Education Teaching

Double Master's degree in Access to the Legal Profession and Tax, Labour and Accounting Consultancy

Inter-university Master’s degrees

Pre-registration for the following inter-university Master’s degrees will take place in the coordinating university. Look up registration dates and procedures for each of them: