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Master's degrees: access and admission




  • You may pre-register for two Master’s degrees. Check here the full list of Master’s degrees offered. If you want to pre-register for two master's degrees or specialisations, the order of pre-registration is decisive. First you must pre-register for one, and once you have done so, you can pre-register for the second. It is not necessary to upload the documentation for this second pre-registration, as the documentation you have uploaded in the first one will be included in the second pre-registration. The proof of pre-enrolment for the second time will include the two pre-enrolments with the order of preference.
  • Look up the specific requirements to pre-register for inter-university Master's degrees and double Master's degrees
  • Pre-registration must be via the Internet. In the second period the Master in Project Management will not be open for pre-registration.

Pre-registration Pre-registration

Required documents

When you pre-register on-line, on the “Adjuntar documentos (Attach documents)” screen you must include the following documents.

  • Photocopy of ID card, foreign ID card (NIE) or Passport
  • Curriculum vitae + languages diplomas (see specific criteria on Access and admission sections of each Master’s degree)
  • If previous degree has not been studied at UPNA: photocopy of university degree diploma that grants access to the Master’s degree and the academic certificate or record, where the average grade is shown. If they have been issued in a foreign language, they must be submitted together with the official translation.
  • If the Master’s degree qualifies students for professional practice and the degree granting access has been obtained according to the European Higher Education Area or others, the diploma must be submitted with the equivalence certification.
  • University degrees studied abroad: it is advised to submit the equivalence for average marks issued by the Ministry of Universities. Should it not be submitted, the record will be weighed using 5 as average mark.
  • Copy of the visa: students who are required to have a visa, if they pre-register in the second period or in the extraordinary period.
  • Foreign students: certificate or official diploma of a B1 level in Spanish of the  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (MCER). In the case that students may not provide a certificate, they may take the specific test organised by Public University of Navarre’s Language Centre. For more information click on the following link.
  • Quota for disabled people: Official documents which prove a 33% or higher disability.
  • Specific documents according to Master’s degrees:

How to submit the documents

  • During on-line pre-registration, in the “Adjuntar documentos (attach documents)” tab


  • The documents must be submitted before the deadline in the corresponding pre-registration period.

Double Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Management

Double Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Advanced Communication and Artificial Vision

Double Master's degree in Computer Engineering and Cybersecurity

Double Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Cybersecurity

Double Master’s degree in History and Memory and Secondary Education Teaching

Double Master's degree in Access to the Legal Profession and Tax, Labour and Accounting Consultancy

Inter-university Master’s degrees

Pre-registration for the following inter-university Master’s degrees will take place in the coordinating university. Look up registration dates and procedures for each of them: