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Master's degrees: access and admission



Pre-registration and admission. Academic year 2023/2024

  Pre-registration Submission of documentation Provisional list Claims Final list
1 From 1 March to 28 April 2023 until 28 April 19 May 22 and 23 de May 29 May
- - - - 6* June

from 9 to 16 June 2023**

until 27 June

3 July 4 and 5 July 19 July
- until 17 July - - 26* July
- until 24 July - - 31* July

From 4 to 14 August 2023

  29 August 30 August 31 August
From 4 September, in the case that vacancies are left, those interested may write to CLICK HERE

*New admission lists will be published in those Master’s with a waiting list and present vacancies
** The Master in Project Management will not be open for pre-registration

  • Only will the second and extraordinary pre-registration periods will open in those Master’s degrees with vacancies.
    Reservation of places for second pre-registration period
  • Students who have not finished the studies required to access the Master’s degree may pre-register before either deadline - preferably before the first one. The academic record with marks provided will be weighed at pre-registration. In the case that it is not provided, the academic record will be weighed with a mark of 5.0 and it will not be modified even though it is provided later.
    *Exception: in Master's degree with no conditional registration allowed (Project Management, Secondary Education Teaching, Access to the Legal Profession, Public Health, Health General Psychology), it is advised to pre-register before the first deadline even though the degree is not finalised. As soon as the student is given the diploma and full academic record, they will submit those documents to be assessed.
  • End of deadlines: all deadlines finalise at 14:00 o’clock of the last stated day.
  • Claims: via e-mail to
  • Visa: to ensure that deadlines are met, students who require a visa must pre-register before the first deadline. In the second and following deadlines, students who require a visa must submit a copy of it to pre-register.