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Master's degrees: access and admission


Offer of degrees and places

Types of Master’s degrees

Public University of Navarre offers official Master’s degrees in various areas of knowledge. Check here the full list of Master’s degrees offered.

Among them are some which quality students for the practice of regulated professions, and others may be studied through double curricula leading to obtaining two official degrees.

Master’s degrees qualifying for professional practice

These are official degrees that qualify students for the practice of specific professions regulated by law.

At UPNA, qualifying Master’s degrees are:

  • Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering
  • Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering
  • Master’s degree in Secondary Education Teaching
  • University Master's degree in Access to the Legal Profession
  • Master's degree in General Health Psychology (Pending to be approved by ANECA)

Double Master’s degrees

New admission places

 The new admission places offer is divided into general quota and reservation quota.

Reservation quota

A part of the offered places will be reserved for the following groups:

  • People with 33% or higher disability: 5% new admission places reserved.
  • Grant holders (Carolina Grants, AUIP, International Talent (UPNA) and others): the reserved places is detailed for each Master’s degree in the new admission places offer.

Admission of added students

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