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Master's degrees: access and admission


Admission lists

Admission and Registration Date

  • Admission on a certain date entitles the student to register only in the registration period immediately following. See registration calendar
  • Anyone who does not register within this period will lose the right to reserve a place.
  • In those masters that do not admit conditional registration, only students who have completed their studies and meet the other requirements will appear on the admission lists for the first pre-enrollment period.
  • The lists will be published before 14:00 hours.

Publication of admission lists

List 19 May 2023

List 6 Juin 2023 

  • Look up admission list. Only new lists will be published in this first pre-registration period in those Master’s degrees with a waiting list and present vacancies.*
  • Claims: 
  • Look up final list

* The master's degrees in General Health Psychology, History and Memory and the Double MUPES with History and Memory will NOT publish lists in the first admission period.

List 3 July 2023

  • Look up provisional admission list
  • Claims: 4 and 5 July
  • Look up final list: 19 July 2023

List 26 July 2023

  • Look up admission list

List 31 July 2023

  • Look up admission list

List extraordinary pre-registration period: 29 August 2023


Claims must be made via electronic mail to