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Double Master’s degree in Secondary Education Teaching and History and Memory



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Become a specialist in the management and dissemination of memory and heritage, and get ready to teach History in any Secondary Education stage.
The Master’s degree in Secondary Education Teaching qualifies students to work as a teacher of ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) and Bachillerato (similar to A levels). 

Modules and professors

Curriculum code: 7307 - List of Core and Compulsory subjects - (2023/2024)

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first year
Periodo Code Subject ECTS SPA BAS ENG
Anual 730704 Practicum I 3
Anual 730705 Learning and Teaching Geography and History 9
Anual 730710 Practicum II (Speciality in Geography and History) 7
1º S 730701 Developmental Psychology and Learning in Adolescence 5
1º S 730702 Educational Processes and Contexts 6
1º S 730703 Society, family and education 3
1º S 730706 Additional training in Geography and History 6
2º S 730707 Concentration in Geography and History 6
2º S 730708 Initiation to Research in Geography and History Education and Innovation 6
2º S 730709 Proposals for teaching Geography and History 3
2º S 730790 Final Master's Project (Secondary Education Teaching) 6

List of Optative subjects: Curriculum code:  7307 --2023/2024
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