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Double Degree in Data Science and Biotechnology

Get to understand how the world of biology and genetics is explored, using the most advanced artificial intelligence techniques. Get to design application systems in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and industrial scopes, and become an expert at all the data analysis techniques to understand, design and model the intelligent systems of the future. Get to understand how we are discovering the foundations of life, and join the biotechnological revolution.


Degree in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Why study the Double Degree in Data Science + Biotechnology

  • The Double Degree is focused on training highly skilled professionals in the artificial intelligence and molecular and genetic engineering techniques scopes.
  • You will become a data analyst capable of developing more efficient drugs, genetic treatments, or even move forward in the fight against climate change.
  • When you finish your studies you are granted both degrees:
    • Degree in Data Science, specialised in the area of artificial intelligence, intelligent computing and automatic data analysis.
    • Degree in Biotechnology, specialised in the study of biological processes and the application of the most advanced molecular techniques.
  • High demand in the area of technological and biotechnological companies, of any size, as well as companies not specifically technological, which believe in data science as drive for change in the short term.

You can study this degree with:

Training in competences


Most suitable means of access

  • Secondary Education:
    • Health Sciences
    • Sciences and Engineering and Technology
  • High Professional Training studies related to the degree

WE RECOMMEND: Good education in maths and biology, as well as skills to manage computer tools and new technologies.

MINIMUM GRADE TO ACCESS: Students who chose the double degree in their pre-registration will be admitted, up to the established limit of places, ordered according to their university access grade. In all cases, the minimum grade to access the double degree must be equal or higher to the highest grade to access either degree

Means of access Means of access

Support for students

What will I be able to work in when I finish the Double Degree in Data Science + Biotechnology?

  • As a specialist in the design of biological systems focused on developing the biomedical, pharmaceutical, industrial, energetic and agrifood areas.
  • Creating and boosting technology-based companies of interest to society and as an expert in artificial intelligence solutions in technological companies.
  • Responsible for data analysis in medical or pharmaceutical laboratories, in areas as diverse as customised medicine or genomics. 
  • In companies, technological centres or research centres in the biotechnology area, or as data analyst
  • Any job typical of either degree (Data Science and Biotechnology)

What master's degrees can I do when I finish my Double Degree in Data Science + Biotechnology?


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