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Master’s Degree in Management, Organization and Business Economics

Apply economy to the study of organizations, design and analysis of policies and manages academic or professional teams in this scope.
The Master’s degree in Management, Organization and Business Economics (MMOBE) is inter-university and grants the degree by the universities Autonomous of Barcelona, Illes Baleares and Public of Navarra at the same time.
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  • Language: English
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 year (2 quarters at UAB, 1 quarter at UPNA, 1 quarter Dissertation UIB)
  • Spaces available: 30 (registration, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)
  • Modality: in-person
  • Academic Director (UPNA): Lucía Garcés Galdeano
  • Faculty or school: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  • Where lessons take place: Barcelona, Pamplona and Palma de Mallorca



Master’s degree in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Why study the Master’s Degree in Management, Organization and Business Economics?

  • You will be granted the diploma by all three universities: Autonomous of Barcelona, Illes Balears and Public of Navarra
  • More information about this Master’s degree:
  • You will be able to:
    • Analyse and relate the fundamental contributions of economy to the study of organisations.
    • Match it with statistical, econometric or qualitative methods.
    • Design and evaluate policies and practices for economic organisations aiming at improving their internal efficiency and their suitability to the social environment.
    • Develop appropriate quantitative instruments and those related to theoretical models which will allow you to convey your proposals properly in front of an international audience and implement them within the scope of the enterprise economy. 
    • Collaborate and manage academic and professional teams with original and accurate proposals.
  • Teaching staff endorsed by contrasted teaching and researching excellence.

You can do this master's degree with:

Training in competencies


From which degrees can I access the Master’s Degree in Management, Organization and Business Economics?

  • Bachelor’s degree in Management and Business Administration, Economics, Industrial Engineering and other similar engineering studies.
  • Other similar degrees: holders of a degree in Mathematics, Physics, IT and other similar degrees.
  • Other diplomas with Postgraduate degrees in Management and Business Administration or Economics.
  • It is also possible to access from university degrees in similar studies from other countries .

Note: Advanced B2.1 level of English knowledge of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is recommended.

What will I be able to work in when I finish the Master’s Degree in Management, Organization and Business Economics?

In companies and organisations in the areas of:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Production
  • Controlling

Learning outcomes / Competencies

Consult the learning outcomes (study programme 7104)

Consult the competencies (study programme 230)

Access and admission

Access requirements

To be admitted to the official Master's Degree courses, students must hold an official university degree issued by a higher education institution in the European Higher Education Area or in other countries which entitles them to access Master's degree courses in the country issuing the degree.

Access requirements Access requirements

Specific criteria for the Master's degree

  • Diploma of the Bachelor’s degree and transcript. Other postgraduate degrees with the corresponding transcript.
  • Three recommendation letters from university lecturers, researchers and, exceptionally, professionals who have taken part in the professional training of the candidate.
  • A writing explaining the interest and motivation of the candidate.
  • Additional academic activities such as courses, seminars, conferences, published research work, etc.
  • Professional experience related with the master’s degree’s area of knowledge.
  • Level of English and other languages.

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