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School of Economics and Business Administration

"The internship in a company was a great way to finish my Master's degree since it allowed me to work on both the implementation of an improvement  proposal for a real business management process and introducing it into integrated information systems (ERP)"

Alba Gil

Curricular Master’s degree internship

Educational activities and tasks will be specified in the educational project specific for each internship, depending on the company and the work to develop. 

  • Number of places: 12 places
  • Number of hours: 450 hours (with End-of-Master’s-Degree thesis) (40 hours/week maximum)
  • Semester: 2nd
  • Teaching guide: 710117 External Internship

Procedure and calendar Procedure and calendar

Students will have at their disposal the external internship offer for each academic year. The list of companies, as well as the requirements each of them demand, will be available on the Intranet of University-Society Foundation prior to the process.

Procedure and calendar Procedure and calendar