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School of Economics and Business Administration

Guest teachers


You may access UPNA through one of these options:

  • Option_A (10 places): 2 hours of conference in a seminar,  200 €
  • Option_B (5 places): 8 hours of conference throughout a week,  800 €

you can only be granted one place in this call. These grants are not incompatible with receiving other ones, such as enjoying European funding under the Erasmus + programme. These types of income are not considered earnings for business or professional activities, but work earnings, exempt from VAT but subject to personal income tax.

UPNA teachers must:

  • Send an email to the School:
  • Deadline: 2PM of Friday 25 February 2022
  • Suggest a candidate

The Centre will decide on the admission or exclusion of the applicant before Friday 4 March 2022.

  • Application form
  • Activity report, start and end date
  • Brief Curriculum Vitae of visiting professor.

In order to be a host, the UPNA professor must teach in English at the School of Economics and Business Administration (FCEE).

The Internationalisation Commission of the School of Economics and Business Administration will value:

  1. The quality of the proposed training activity, linked to the international degrees, particularly to subjects in English (list here)
  2. The CV of visiting professors (academic achievements)
  3. And the excellence of their institutions of origin

If you have any doubts contact:

María Jesús Campión Arrastia
Vice-Chancellor of Internationalisation 

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