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School of Economics and Business Administration

End-of-degree project (TFG)


  1. Decide on your TFG with a School teacher (or several, if it is a jointly directed project).
    • Get in touch with a teacher and suggest a topic.
    • If the teacher agrees, he/she will fill in the form design by the School so the agreement is registered and the TFG allocated. Deadline to reach agreements for TFGs to carry out during the academic year 2022-2023: up to 15 July 2022.
  2. Choose a topic and director from the list of over 100 projects
    • On the 1 August 2022, if you have registered for the subject TFG, you will receive in your institutional email:
      • a list with all the topics-directors of TFG available for your degree and their characteristics
      • as well as a link to a form you must fill in from 2 August (9:00) to 1 September 2022 (14:00). Order it according to your preferences.
    • On the 5 September we will publish the allocations of projects that will be carried out by means of an algorithm which takes the students’ preferences into account, following the academic record order.

Contact your director to begin your TFG when you know the allocation. The teaching staff may also contact you directly.

The teacher director

  • will establish the guidelines for the TFG
  • will guide you through it on matters related with the structure of the topic to be developed, perspective or approach
  • will make sure that the objectives set at the beginning are met in the planned time
  • and will issue a final report on the tutored TFG, which states the suggested grade based on the selection criteria

Once the TFG has been done, it must be physically submitted at the Administrative Unit of the School on the dates established on calendar the following documentation.

Documentation and submission

Physically, at the Administrative Unit of the School:

Electronically through MiAulario following the guidelines received by email some days before the end of the submission date for each call:

  • The full TFG: Cover_1 + project written with the required format.
  • A version of the TFG which does not include the names of the student and director, only the title and TFG module: Cover_2 + project written with the required format.


Los trabajos calificados como aptos por sus directores, serán expuestos públicamente durante 10 días en los que cualquier profesor de la School podrá expresar, si lo considera oportuno, a través de la instancia diseñada a tal efecto, los comentarios y opiniones que le lleven a recomendar una calificación de no apto a determinados trabajos.

Los trabajos que superen la fase de exposición pública serán considerados Aptos y podrán recibir una calificación máxima de 7 puntos sobre 10.

Si el estudiante desea optar a obtener una calificación superior, deberá solicitarlo en los 2 días siguientes a conocer la propuesta de calificación de su director y someter así su trabajo a la valoración de un Tribunal Evaluador Ordinario constituido al efecto. Este tribunal calificará el trabajo sobre la base de los criterios marcados en la Rúbrica del Tribunal. El estudiante realizará en este caso una defensa oral de su trabajo de 10 minutos de duración, seguida de un período de preguntas por parte del tribunal, de duración indeterminada. La calificación definitiva del trabajo será la otorgada por el tribunal evaluador. 

Fecha Calificación provisional Calificación definitiva Tribunales
Enero'22 Notas provisionales - 20 diciembre 2021   

Tribunales enero 2022

Junio'22 Notas provisionales -18 mayo 2022 Notas definitivas - 30 mayo 2022
(excepto defensas ante tribunal)

Tribunales junio 2022

Notas Tribunales Junio 2022

Septiembre'22 Notas provisionales - 5 septiembre 2022 Notas definitivas Tribunales septiembre 2022