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School of Economics and Business Administration

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Our main strength is the high level of preparation and commitment of the teaching staff. We have been training professionals in the economics and business administration fields for over 30 years. Our success is supported by the high satisfaction and job placement of our degree holders (over 96% of them already work in a position related with their degree two years after finishing it).

  • 96 % work in a position related with their degree
  • 30 years of experience
  • We foster project-based learning, where the student is the main axis. We work closely with over 200 national and international universities.
  • We offer a comprehensive education, permanently adapting to the demands of the work market, and we walk you through your job searching process to close your training circle.
  • We offer very high level specialised education on ERP management, backed by our long-term participation in the European network SAP University Alliances. We are the only Spanish university education centre to complete training on ERP management with real time enterprise simulation ERPsim. 
  • We have consolidated our strong bet on quality internationalisation: we count on two international programmes fully taught in English, in small groups with personalised attention, in which a full academic year takes place abroad.
  • We are committed to sustainable development, social responsibility and good governance.