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School of Economics and Business Administration

End-of-studies project awards

Intended for:

  • UPNA students
  • who have defended their end-of-studies project at UPNA

Which awards am I eligible for?

The Faculty will grant awards to the best End-of-degree projects in four areas:

  • Award for best interdepartmental End-of-degree project  End-of-degree projects which combine, above all, the use of advanced mathematical and statistical tools and instruments with the search for solutions to economic problems will be particularly valued.
  • Award for best End-of-degree project which boosts the Sustainable Development Goals. Apart from the technical and academic accuracy of the project, its potential impact on SDG will be valued.
  • Award to the best End-of-degree project collaborating with a company. Apart from the academic and technical accuracy of the work, the level of participation of the collaborating company or institution, as well as the potential impact of the work on the capacity to create value of the company will be specially valued.
  • Award Association of Economists of Navarre to the best End-of-degree project .
  • Its goal: to encourage research on economics and business among students of Economics and Business schools, apart from disseminating good projects and rewarding excellent ones.
  • Organised by: Spanish Economic Association

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  • What will be valued:  the entrepreneurial character of students through granting awards to End-of-studies projects which foster innovation, creativity and generation of entrepreneurial ideas. 

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  • What will be valued: What is assessed: it rewards original and relevant end-of-studies projects which provide innovative ideas or approaches in the Human Resources field, or which improve life quality at work.
  • Organised by: Asociación Española de Dirección y Desarrollo de Personas (AEDIPE) (Spanish Association of People Management and Development).

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