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Double Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Management

Acquire a broad and deep business vision to successfully manage any organization in the field of industrial engineering.


Master’s degree in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Why study the Double Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Management?

  • You will acquire the legal skills to practice the profession of Industrial Engineer, while you develop skills in organizational management.
  • It adds a broad and deep vision on business issues so that they are able to address the management process of any business organization in an increasingly complex, competitive and global environment.
  • This double degree, a novelty at a national level, seeks to train its students:
    • for the development of the industrial engineering profession: providing them with technical knowledge that will enable them to tackle major projects
    • boosting their career in the field of business management: training them in business management
  • The program, which is carried out in two terms, allows you to obtain the degree of:
    • Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering
      Students will receive advanced and multidisciplinary training in multiple fields of engineering, such as electrical, mechanical, thermal, electronic, power, automation, and chemical engineering, which will enable them to perform and verify industrial constructions and installations.
    • and Master's degree in Business Management
      Students will acquire:
      • applied knowledge of the most innovative management tools and techniques
      • the most sought-after management skills such as leadership, conflict resolution or emotional intelligence.
  • Teaching is based on participatory methodologies focused on teamwork, such as:
    • the study and discussion of cases,
    • the management of a virtual company using a strategic management simulator
    • or the use of specific management support software.
  • Highly qualified teaching staff, made up of:
    • Professors with international academic prestige
    • Professionals with extensive experience in the field of engineering and business management. 

You can do this master's degree with:


Training in competencies


From which degrees can I access the Double Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Management?

  • Graduates in Industrial Technology Engineering
  • Graduates whose degree qualifies them to practice as Industrial Technical Engineers. 
  • In the case of the Public University of Navarre, graduates in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Design Engineering.
  • Industrial technical engineers, specialising in mechanics, electricity or electronics

What will I be able to work in when I finish the Double Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Management?

  • Manage technological innovation projects in the industrial sectors of the automobile, component industry, electronics and communications, in the energy sector, renewable energies, environment, in transport infrastructures, etc.
  • To lead multidisciplinary teams, from the business management.
  • Directing R+D+i projects
  • Access to the research career for those graduates who are oriented towards the completion of a doctoral thesis.


Access and admission

Access requirements

To be admitted to the official Master's Degree courses, students must hold an official university degree issued by a higher education institution in the European Higher Education Area or in other countries which entitles them to access Master's degree courses in the country issuing the degree. 

Access requirements Access requirements

Specific criteria for the double Master's degree

The academic record of the Bachelor’s degree used to access it will establish the admission and registration order. In any case, the minimum grade to be admitted must be equal or higher than the admission grade to each of the Master’s degrees included in this double Master’s degree.



Students enroll each academic year only and exclusively in the subjects of their specific teaching program. Students of the Double Master's must register for the first full year of the specific program.

Level of academic performance required to continue

  • Students must pass the Double Master's course in a maximum of 3 academic years.
  • At the end of the first academic year, students must have passed a minimum of 60 ECTS of the specific teaching program of the Double Master’s.

Pre-registration Pre-registration
Registration Registration