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Bachelor’s Degree in History and Heritage

Prepare yourself to work in cultural heritage management and mediation in museums, interpretation centers, documentary archives or historical sites, as well as for teaching and research. If you are interested in knowing the historical evolution of our contexts and cities, as well as the roots of the different cultural, economic, social and political aspects of the present, this is your degree


Degree in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Why study the Bachelor's Degree in History and Heritage


  • Growing demand for professionals in areas such as museums, cultural and natural sites, archives, libraries and public administrations
  • Need for specialists in cultural heritage mediation
  • The cultural industries are playing a very important role in economic and employment growth in Europe
  • You will prepare yourself to contribute to the preservation and dissemination of cultural, natural and intangible heritage and will approach the study of history through long-term perspectives
  • You can specialize in economic management of cultural projects and in cultural mediation of heritage
  • You will be trained in historical and cultural aspects that will be useful if you subsequently choose to teach

Most suitable means of access

  • High School: Social Sciences and Humanities itinerary or Arts itinerarie
  • Higher Professional Training Cycles related to the degree

Means of access Means of access

Support for students

What will I be able to work in when I finish my Bachelor's Degree in History and Heritage?

  • Cultural mediation and promotion of the conservation and social uses of heritage in museums, interpretation centers, natural parks, archives, etc.
  • Planning and economic management of heritage in small and medium enterprises and in services dependent on public institutions and administrations
  • Cultural and natural sites
  • Teaching in Secondary Education
  • University teaching
  • Research

What Master's degrees can I do when I finish my Bachelor's Degree in History and Heritage?

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