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Kafka Award


Kafka award

The Faculty of Law, together with the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for University Awareness, Culture and Dissemination of Public University of Navarre, aiming at both stimulating literary creativity of students and showing the legal dimension of all human activity - personally and socially, calls annually the Kafka Award of Legal Flash Fiction. 

This award is named after one of the greatest writers who, as is well-known, studied Law and worked as a lawyer for an insurance company. At the same time, he developed his literary vocation with one of the most influential works in universal literature. He is especially renowned by his novels and short stories.


The Kafka Award of Legal Flash Fiction, organised by the Faculty of Law together with the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for University Awareness, Culture and Dissemination, aims at finding out literary talent, fostering interest for writing and developing the creativity of all students of Public University of Navarre. It also intends to advocate writing as a means to connect law to life in its most daily aspects.

The Jury may grant up to two awards per language modality (Spanish and Basque)


The organisers of the competition will propose a sentence at the beginning of the text, which participants must continue as a micro fiction showing a social situation with legal implications.

The flash fictions must be preceded by a title and be written in Spanish or Basque, depending on the modality participants choose. It must be 120 words long at most (not including the title or the starting sentence).

All flash fictions must be original and unpublished. Participants will be liable for any claim that may be filed by third parties regarding the authorship and originality of the flash fiction.

Participation will be individual.

Each participant may submit two texts at most, regardless of the language modality they choose. They may take part in both modalities.

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