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Faculty of Law

Quality and Certification

Certification AUDIT

The Faculty of Law of UPNA counts on the AUDIT certification on Implementing the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) focused on a continuous improvement of quality in the courses offered to students. The structure responsible for quality at the Faculty is its Quality Assurance Commission of the Centre (QAC).

Audit Internacional     Certificate No UCR-I 081/2022, issued on the 29/07/2022

certificado Audit  Resolution of the Council of Universities, issued on the 29/07/2022.

This certification, granted by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Certification (ANECA), enables the institutional certification of the Faculty and, with it, the automatic renewal of all the official Bachelor's degrees and Master’s degrees for five years.

Internal quality guarantee system (SGIC)

The SGIC of the School, described in its centre management manual, regulates the internal operation of the different processes that must be carried out in the centres and services of UPNA to ensure quality and continuous improvement of the degrees, always focusing on the different groups of interest.  The development of the main management activities carried out at the School may be checked on the centre's management calendar.

The SGIC design is based on the breakdown  of the strategic, operational and supporting processes which can be seen in the processes map.

Quality policy and objectives

The quality policy and objectives of UPNA, approved by the Government Council, emphasises the commitment of the institution to foster quality and excellence in its degrees and research, management and transfer activities. 

The guidelines at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, focused on the management of quality and its outcome, are shown in the development of UPNA's Strategic Plan 2020-23. 

Official records an publications

Certificación Sistema de Garantía Interna de Calidad
Effective date Assessment Report
16/12/2020 AUDIT Design SGIC design certification
29/07/2022 AUDIT implementation SGIC implementation certification
13/09/2022 Institutional certification Report

Reports and evidence

As a result of the monitoring, a series of reports and evidence are generated. They are available in the transparency portal and, for authorised users, in their corresponding area in MiAulario.