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Faculty of Law

End-of-studies projects awards


Intended for:

  • UPNA students
  • who have defended their end-of-studies project at UPNA

Which awards am I eligible for?

  • What is valued: interest of the topic; scientific and technical quality; rigour in source management and internal consistency of the work; accuracy in style and clarity in expression and presentation.
  • Organised by: Association of graduates in Labour Relations of Navarre

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  • What will be valued: the entrepreneurial character of students through granting awards to End-of-studies projects which foster innovation, creativity and generation of entrepreneurial ideas. 
  • Organised by: Caja Rural.

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  • What will be valued: It awards End-of-studies projects which help foster and spread the defence of human rights and ton contribute to elimination of inhumane or degrading situations or behaviour.
  • Organised by: Jaime Brunet Foundation

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  • What is valued: best End-of-studies projects in the agro-industrial, agrifood and agricultural cooperativism scopes.
  • Organised by: Cátedra Grupo AN of UPNA.

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  • What is valued: your capacity to communicate to the general public why your work is important and what you provide society with, in only 3 minutes.
  • Organised by: UCC and FECYT

How can I register? How can I register?

  • What will be valued: What is assessed: it rewards original and relevant end-of-studies projects which provide innovative ideas or approaches in the Human Resources field, or which improve life quality at work.
  • Organised by: Asociación Española de Dirección y Desarrollo de Personas (AEDIPE) (Spanish Association of People Management and Development).

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