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Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Become a specialist in biomedicine applied to the industrial, business, hospital and public-management-related scopes, as well as to research departments.

Asignaturas y profesorado


Curriculum code: 7206 - List of Core and Compulsory subjects - (2023/2024)

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first year
Periodo Code Subject ECTS SPA BAS ENG
1º S 720601 Nanotechnology for biomedical applications s 4.5
1º S 720602 Neuroengineering 4.5
1º S 720603 Statistical modeling of biomedical data 4.5
1º S 720604 Artificial intelligence in biomedical engineeringg 4.5
1º S 720605 Health product: from design to market I 3
2º S 720606 Biosensors technologies 4.5
2º S 720607 Interoperability and standardization management in medical environments 6
2º S 720608 Wireless communication systems for the internet of medical things 4.5
2º S 720609 Deep learning in medical imaging 6
2º S 720610 Advanced methods in neuromuscular and cardiac electrophysiology 4.5
2º S 720611 Advanced bioinformatics 4.5
Training complement
Periodo Code Subject ECTS SPA BAS ENG
Anual 720680 Anatomy and physiopathology 6
Anual 720681 Bioelectricity and Bioinstrumentation 3
Anual 720684 Biomedical informatics 3
1º S 720682 Signal and Image Processing 3
2º S 720683 Biomaterials 3

List of Optative subjects

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List of Optative subjects
Year Periodo Code Subject ECTS SPA BAS ENG
1º S 720613 3D Modeling techniques and biomedical prototyping 6
1º S 720614 Advanced biomedical signal processing 6
2º S 720615 Advanced visualization in medical environments 3
2º S 720616 Computational biomechanics 3