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Master’s Degree in Gender, Women and Equality Studies

Receive a solid education which helps you develop professional competences to promote equality and eradicate gender violence. Acquire rigorous knowledge in gender studies, as well as the skills to apply the gender approach, which allows you to analyse critically the social reality and develop an unbiased scientific production.

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Curriculum code: 7303 - List of Core and Compulsory subjects - (2023/2024)

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first year
Periodo Code Subject ECTS SPA BAS ENG
Anual 730312 Practical training in institutions 6
Anual 730390 Final Master's Project 12
1º S 730301 Gender and feminist theory 4
1º S 730302 Gender inequalities and intersectionality 4
1º S 730303 Equality policies and public policies with a gender approach 3
1º S 730304 Co-education and pedagogy of care 3
1º S 730305 Citizen participation, feminist activism and women's empowerment 3
1º S 730306 Power, subject and gender relations 3
2º S 730307 Gender-sensitive research 4
2º S 730308 Gender-responsive intervention 4
2º S 730309 Gender-based violence 4
2º S 730310 The professional figure of the gender equality agent 4
2º S 730311 Work, care and co-responsibility 3
2º S 730313 Gender-sensitive accompaniment for professionals 3

List of Optative subjects: Curriculum code:  7303 --2023/2024
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