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University Ombudsperson

Telephone: 948 16 6011 - 608 148 335
During teaching periods with the following timetable: 

  • Mondays: from 12 to14
  • Tuesdays: from 5 to 17
  • Thursdays: froma 10 to 12


Inmaculada Lizasoain Iriso is a tenured lecturer of the Algebra Area within the Statistics, IT and Mathematics Department. She holds a degree in Mathematics by University of Zaragoza and a PhD in Mathematics by Public University of Navarra.

Most of her teaching activity has been developed in the Higher Technical School of Industrial and ICT Engineering, although in the last few years she has moved on to teaching subjects belonging to Didactics of Mathematics in the Faculty of Human, Social and Educational sciences.

Her research work, gathered in numerous scientific publications, focuses on the Algebra area, both in the development of group theory and its applications on the Artificial Intelligence field. She has taken part in different research projects funded by public entities. In the academic management area, she has been director of the old Mathematics Department of Public University of Navarra.

She is currently in charge of coordinating the European project ANFoMAM, "Learn from children to train teachers in the area of mathematics", funded by Erasmus+ programme of Strategic Associations for Educational Innovation, in which UPNA takes part, among other European universities.

The University Ombudsperson is the high commissioner of the University Senate in charge of defending and protecting the rights of all the members of the University Community, as well as enforcing the provisions established on the Statutes. In order to do so, she may supervise the academic and administrative activity and make recommendations.

The position is not subject to the imperative mandate or the instructions of any academic authorities, governing bodies or any other member of the university community, and will perform her duties with autonomy, according to her own criterion.

She may act ex-officio or at the request of a party.

Her duties are:

  • To ensure respect to the rights and freedoms of teaching staff, students and administration and services staff, before the proceedings of the various bodies and services.
  • To prevent and solve problems and issues related to the university activity.
  • To seek to improve quality.
  • To submit the annual report of her proceedings to the University Senate.

During the implementation of her duties she may:

  • Receive enquiries, requests for mediation and conciliation, complaints, remarks or claims addressed to her.
  • To mediate to solve disagreements and issues between members of the university community.
  • To make the proposals, suggestions and recommendations she deems appropriate to solve the issues.
  • To listen to any remarks and suggestions she receives related to the operation of the services.
  • To attend to any part of the facilities to check any data she deems appropriate.


  • Any member of the university community with a legitimate interest, both individual and collective, may request the intervention of the university ombudsperson. UPNA ensures confidentiality of the data and personal or undisclosed information obtained during the performance of their duties.
  • All requests made are registered and its receipt is acknowledged - they are responded to within a fortnight, whether they are to be processed or rejected.
  • After the request is accepted, the university ombudsperson will take the investigation measures she deems appropriate. She may summon the person affected by the complaint to make a statement, to provide the necessary documents or to appear to attest. If necessary, she may inform the affected academic or administrative bodies of it and request information.
  • Once the investigation process is over, the university ombudsperson will inform the complainant of the outcome of her investigation and management, as well as of the response of the person or body involved.

The requests may be submitted:

  • During the academic year (from 1 September to 22 December, from 7 January to 13 April and from 25 April to 5 July)
    • Via e-mail:
    • On the phone: 948 16 6011 - 608148335 (Tuesdays from 9 to 1PM and Thursday from 3PM to 5PM)
  • Holiday periods (Christmas and Easter)
  • During both periods
    • Through the on-line form
    • At the office of the university ombudsperson
    • At the University’s General Registry
    • By regular mail, c/o: University Ombudsperson. Public University of Navarre - Arrosadia Campus unnumbered. Post code 31006

Type of applications:

  1. Enquiries and comments:
    • Any student, teacher or member of the PAS may make a request or remark.
  2. Claims and complaints: 
    • Claims must be submitted by the interested person or their delegate, duly identified.
  3. Requests for mediation and conciliation:
    • When the related parties accept the mediation, the University ombudsperson may start any action leading to solve the disagreements and issues among the various university community groups.
  • The following issues will not be dealt with:
    • Anonymous claims or comments, those made in bad faith, without enough foundation or lacking real purpose, and all those which may cause harm to the legitimate right of third parties while being processed. 
    • Those claims which have a pending administrative of court decision. Her proceedings will be stopped if, once started, and appeal is filed by an interested party before the administrative or judicial authority, or if the previous claim had not been exhausted..

María Nelia Soto Ruiz
Telephone: 948 16 6117