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Governing bodies


University Senate

It is the highest-rank body representing the university community. It is in charge of approving the general guidelines for action of the various areas of the university life, and supervise the University management.

It includes the Chancellor, acting as Chair, the General Secretary and General Manager as ex-officio members, and 120 members, out of which 71 are tenured Professors with a permanent contract with University, 13 are teaching staff who do not hold a doctoral degree but are public workers, and teaching and research staff with temporary contracts, 24 are students and 12 are administration and services staff.

Among the tasks of the University Senate are to draft and amend the Statutes, choose and revoke the Chancellor, and approve the University general acting guidelines, especially in the teaching, researching and administration scopes.


  • Ramón Gonzalo García


  • Roldán Jimeno Aranguren


Representatives of PhD Professors on the permanent University staff

  • Roberto Aguado Jiménez
  • Carlos Ruiz Zamarreño
  • Arantxa Villanueva Larre

Representative of tenured non-PhD Professors and research and teaching staff not on the permanent University staff

  • Fernando Carrasco del Amo

Students' representative

  • Valentino Valentinov Kichukov
  • Ismael Salhi Zerdy

Representative of the Administration and Service Staff

  • María Carmen Echeverría Arambillet