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Centre management

The Centre Management Manual that UPNA presents must be understood as the typical quality manual that states all management processes carried out in the Centres basing on the total quality management principles. Therefore, it is the document that fully describes UPNA's Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS).

Management based on whole quality principles means that all organisations (in this case UPNA's University Centres) carry out their activity inter-relating all their processes and trying to focus them on their groups of interest. 

The Centre Management Manual describes UPNA's Centres activity in a way organised according to the AUDIT Programme of ANECA's criteria

The development of the main management activities carried out at the Centre may be checked on the  Centre´s Management Calendar

The full Centre Management Manual, includes in ANNEX I the necessary supporting documents to understand the full IQAS structure, and in ANNEX II, the development of all processes. Like all continuous improvement systems, IQAS and its processes are continuously changing and may go through necessary alterations to adapt to the needs typical of management. This is the reason why it is advised to read it from the link located in the index of the document and its annexes.

ANECA's Certification Commission grants its external recognition according to the AUDIT Programme criteria and guidelines to the Centre Management Manual, as it is shown in the IQAS design certification .