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Main Customers

The ISC has generated more than 3.3 million euros in the period 2012-2016 through Technology Transfer contracts:

  • Energy sector: Gamesa, Acciona, Jofemar or Ingeteam.
    With advances in the field of energy conversion in wind and photovoltaic systems, the integration of renewable energies and electrical storage systems into the grid or the use of distributed fibre optic sensors to monitor water channels used in hydroelectric power plants.
  • Telecommunications sector: Naudit, Indra or Anteral.
    With activities such as the design of components, sensors and antennas in the terahertz range,  certification of the quality of experience in wifi networks or the design of high performance network monitoring architectures.
  • Industrial sector: Azcoyen, Chatarras Iruña, Grupo Antolin and Orbital Aeroespace.
    With activities such as the study, analysis, design and implementation of wireless power transmission subsystems, inductive and capacitive type or the modeling and processing of vibration signals for predictive maintenance and fault diagnosis in Planetary Gears, which are widely used in the aeronautical, automotive, wind power generation, etc.
  • Environmental sector: Nilsa with whom we collaborate in  the design of sustainable urban drainage systems for urban runoff.
  • Public Administration sector: Departments of regional governments, local councils, ENAC, including technical assistance and collaboration services for the evaluation of laboratories and entities acting as technical auditors.
  • Others: OEE, ENAC, FNF or i3i systems, ISC have been developed  different software systems adapted to the requirements of these companies at platform level (Android, iOS, Windows,...), technologies (embedded software, web, cloud computing,...) and commercial objectives (independent driving, recommendation systems, management systems, humidity sensors,...).