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The main scientific facilities available at the Institute for each of the areas is the following,

  • 2 analysis servers DELL PE R510: 2 * Intel Xeon X5650 @ 2.67GHz - 32GB - 8 HDD de 3TB - PERC H700
  • 1 traffic capture server DELL PE 2950:  2 * Intel Xeon 5140 @ 2.33GHz - 8GB - 3 HDD de 2TB - PERC 5/i, interfaces 1G/10G T y F
  • 2 traffic and analysis capture servers  SUPERMICRO SYS-6027R-TRF: Intel Xeon E5-2630 @ 2.30GHz - 32GB - 8 HDD de 3TB - ADAPTEC 6805
  • 2 traffic generation servers 10G: DELL PE T110     Intel Xeon X3460 @ 2.80GHz - 4GB - 1 HDD de 250GB.
  • 1 Multipurpose server DELL PE R610 2 * Intel Xeon E5620 @ 2.40GHz - 8GB - 4 HDD de 500GB - SAS 6/iR - iDRAC6 Express
  • 1 Backup server  DELL PE SC1425: 2 * Intel Xeon @ 3.20GHz - 2GB - 2 HDD de 250GB + 16 HDD de 2TB
  • 2 servers Planetlab DELL PowerEdge 860 with access to about 1000 similar servers distributed worldwide.
  • 1 server Onelab HP Proliant ML370G5
  • 2 servers  Etomic
  • Hadoop system and processing clusters
  • Different Electronic Communications: Cisco and Juniper routers, Cisco and HP switches (up to 10 Gbps), DSLAM  headend, DOCIS headend, VolP switchboard and terminals, IPTV headboards, WiFi access points, NTP server GPS synchronized.

Research Laboratory of the Department of Electrical Engineering, for simulation and prototyping of electronic converters and research in electrical engineering and renewable energy, equipped with the necessary infrastructure with oscilloscopes, probes, network analyzers, power analyzers, programmable loads, frequency response analyzers and impedance spectroscopy, programmable sources, etc.

For its uniqueness and importance to this line of research, it’s important to note that the renewable energy Laboratory has a power microgrid fully operational and which has been working on various projects. This microgrid, funded by the Government of Navarra and the ERDF, has been designed so that it can serve as a test bed for different generating elements, accumulators, conversion, monitoring and control that can be incorporated and to analyze the behavior of microgrids in urban environments and Smart Cities. The microgrid has 5 kWp of  BP585 photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the building, Bornay 6 kW wind turbine located near the building, a bank of lead acid batteries FIAMM of 72 kWh and 300 Ah, a bank of 5 Maxwell ultracapacitors 83.3 F and 46,6V each, a system of PEM fuel cells Heliocentrics, with 4 NEXA1200 batteries 1.2 kW each, a storage system of 35.2 Nm3 hydrogen and 16.5 kVA generator. The conversion kit is a INGECON HYBRID 30 kW INGETEAM, in whose development the research team helped.

  • 2 Accredited climatic chambers of 20 m3 and 1.5 m3, with temperature and humidity control from - 40 ° C to 150 ° C.
  • Thermometry equipment - Thermal imager Agema 570 PRO
  • Termoflujómetro AMR 3280-8M
  • Analog differential calorimeter, measurement of thermal conductivity and heat capacity
  • Test bench for heating boiler with thermoelectric cogeneration system
  • Calorimeter PARR 1261 and sulfur analyzer PARR 1760 for measuring the fuel calorific.
  • Test bench for characterization of refrigerating vapor compression machines.
  • Boiler flue gas analyzer MADUR GA-60.
  • Bank characterization of thermal engines.
  • A complete machine workshop tool for prototyping.
  • Bank for characterization of flow and pressure losses in water networks.
  • Computer Imaging Velocimetry PIV of High resolution laser particle 
  • 6 licenses software research in ANSYS-FLUENT CFD
  • A wide range of instrumentation for acquisition of thermal and fluid data.

The institute has world-class laboratories fully equipped to develop all kinds of systems of fiber optic sensors, as well as their manufacture, characterization and testing. Specifically photonics lab within Teralab, consolidated laboratory in the context of the Campus of Excellence Iberus. Laboratories with automation panels covering all standards.

Currently we have different hardware equipment such as industrial cameras, various lenses with focal various, filters, special illuminators, cameras with depth information (Kinect), and a stereoscopic camera. It also offers programming environments that allow rapid prototyping of complex algorithms. Also available workstations specially prepared for processing and real-time recording of video signals as well as for the highly parallel processing using graphics processors.

HW and SW equipment for the microelectronics design - Cadence (distribución IC Package de Europractice), Synopsys. It also has two instrumentation seats with the necessary equipment for experimental testing of electronic circuits, etc. Two network analyzers, a dynamic spectrum analyzer, three digital high-speed oscilloscopes, an impedance measurer, three high precision signal generators, various power supplies, etc.

The Institute has a clean room ISO7 fully equipped for the manufacture of devices to millimeter and submillimeter frequencies: lithography equipment, sputtering and DRIE. It also has equipment for production of printed circuit boards by milling and laser surface mount of components:

  • Etching equipment : DRIE Oxford Instruments Plasma Pro NGP80 ICP65
  • Laser milling machine: LPKF Protolaser 200.
  • Mechanical milling machine: LPKF H-100
  • “Wire bonding” and “die placing” TPT HB 16D equipments.
  • Cutting equipment Disco D-80
  • Measuring microscope: Mitutoyo Hyper MF-U 176-402-43
  • Sputtering system: Q150T S
  • Mask aligner: SUSS MJB4

With respect to the characterization, it has the capacity measurement devices by vector network analyzers and tests up to 1 THz and spectral characterization in the THz and IR bands.

  • Spectroscopy equipment in the Teraview TPS Spectra 3000 (60Ghz-4THz) time control, with external fiberoptic heads.
  • Agilent E3861C (0-67 GHz) vector network analyzer.
  • Agilent N5242A vector network analyzer with extensions for millimeter waves up to 500 GHz.
  • XYZ Positioning System PC-controlled Shooting (Agilent VNAs y Teraview TPS Spectra compatible).
  • Rohde & Schwartz FSMS 26 up to 26.,5 GHz Spectrum analyzer, Tektronix up to 110 GHz with external mixers.