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Who we are


To contribute to the dissemination and technological and strategic development of the “Smart Cities” concept, as well as its promotion and practical implementation at the local, regional, state, and international levels.


ISC supports and promotes:

  • Cooperation among different research groups of the institute,
  • excellency of the members of the institute in research and technological transfer to companies,
  • support to entrepreneurism and generation of innovative technology-based companies or spin-offs,
  • focus on training consortiums and applying for publicly-funded projects, in cooperation with companies on a regional, national or international level.


  • Quality assurance in research, reflected in the design, methodology, analysis, and use of resources.
  • Honesty in the development, conduct, review, presentation of reports and communication of research in a transparent, fair, complete, and impartial manner.
  • Respect for colleagues, research participants, society, ecosystems, cultural heritage, and the environment.
  • Responsibility in research, from conception to publication, in its management and organisation, as well as in training, supervision, and mentoring, considering all consequences.

These values are inspired by the principles of the "European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity