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Double Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sport Science

Contribute to improve people’s life quality and health. Get an education to foster physical and sport activity promotion and practice, and to take part in it, through rehabilitation, mobility, injuries prevention and disease treatment.


Degree in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Why study the double bacherlor's degree in Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sports Science?

  • You will obtain two degrees in an area with high demand of professionals and high employability rates
  • High social interest in physical activity as the perfect way to prevent and treat many diseases
  • You will have the chance to carry out hospital internships in physiotherapy, in different areas of public and private centres
  • You will acquire knowledge on teaching physical education, sport training, phyical activity for health, management and sport recreation.

You can do this degree with:

Training in competencies


Most suitable means of access

  • Secondary Education (Bachillerato): Health Sciences and Engineering and Technology paths 
  • High Professional Training studies related to the degree

No fitness test required to access

WE RECOMMEND: A positive attitude towards the practice, promotion, prevention and prescription of physical and sport activity for everybody; dynamism and capacity to adapt; problem-solving skills; iniciative and inclination to work in teams, as well as social and communicative abilities. Interest in getting people’s well-being and health. 

Means of access Means of access

Support for students

What will I be able to work on when I finish my double bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sport Science?

  • As a physiotherapist, in different areas of the public and private health network.
  • As a physical-sport trainee or trainer in schools and sport clubs.
  • As an expert in physical training and physical-sport readjustment for sportspeople and teams and people with pathological conditions and/or chronic illnesses, personal trainer and fitness specialist.
  • As a person in charge of the direction and management of sport facilities and sport programmes and events.
  • As a teacher or researcher

What Master's degrees can I do when I finish my double bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sport Science?

Check the entire offer of:

Oferta de Asignaturas English Friendly

Las asignaturas English Friendly se ofertan EXCLUSIVAMENTE para estudiantes internacionales de intercambio.

Son asignaturas que se imparten en castellano, pero con materiales y servicios en inglés. Se caracterizan por: 

  • las asignaturas se imparten en el aula en castellano.
  • los materiales de docencia que se facilitan al estudiante (apuntes, material bibliográfico, presentaciones ppt, etc,) son en inglés.
  • las tutorías son en inglés.
  • las pruebas de evaluación finales y parciales son en inglés.

Aviso importante: En aquellas asignaturas que tengan más de un grupo docente, no todos los grupos docentes ofrecen English Friendly (Consulta en tu Centro).

Listado de asignaturas english friendly.