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Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Orient your future towards sectors with great growth potential and train yourself to design and develop systems, devices and installations capable of solving problems in the industrial field, consulting and technical offices


Degree in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Why study the Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering

  • The mechanical engineering sector is in full technological and economic expansion, demanding more and more specialists every year
  • All the subjects of the degree have a clear practical and applied orientation
  • Possibility of participating in the internship program in companies in the final stage of the degree
  • Employability is almost 100%, and graduates are highly satisfied with their jobs and the training they have received

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Most suitable means of access

  • High School: Science and Engineering and Technology Itinerary
  • Higher cycles of professional training related to the degree 

WE RECOMMEND: Good training in Mathematics and Physics and analytical and reasoning skills, organization and abstraction. Curiosity, imagination and creativity

Means of access Means of access

Support for students

What will I be able to work on when I finish my Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering?

  • Specialist in design and development of devices, systems and facilities related to mechanical engineering in the industrial, consulting and technical offices
  • Specialist in sectors such as renewable energies, household appliances, industrial components, etc.
  • Research, development and innovation (R&D&I) related posts and management positions
  • Multidisciplinary teams in projects that relate mechanical engineering with its multiple applications
  • Practice of the regulated profession of Industrial Technical Engineer in the fields of mechanical engineering

What will I be able to work on when I finish my Degree in Mechanical Engineering?

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