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Bachelor's Degree in Applied Sociology

Discover emerging social trends through different research tools (demographic studies, surveys and polls, social image analysis, diagnostic reports, policy evaluation, etc.) that will allow you to address the keys, problems and processes of social reality in order to intervene in its transformation.


Degree in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Why study the Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Sociology

  • Transversal training that expands the range of employment options
  • Lessons that articulate theory, methodology and application in an ever-changing social environment
  • You will acquire solid training in theoretical and technical foundations to design and carry out social research and evaluate public policies
  • You will be able to analyze new trends and investigate the processes that transform our societies
  • You will learn to recognize and analyze the different social trends that allow for the development of social improvement programs

You can do this degree with


Training in competencies


Most suitable means of access:

  • High school:
    • Humanities and Social Sciences Mode
    • Science Modality
  • Higher Professional Training Cycles related to the degree

WE RECOMMEND: Interest in discovering and analyzing the characteristics of human behavior and the social world; capacity for synthesis, induction and deduction, as well as civic sense and sensitivity to cultural diversity.

Means of access Means of access

Support for students

What will I be able to work in when I finish my Bachelor's Degree in Applied Sociology?

  • Social and political analysis, policy definition and evaluation
  • Consulting and management in:
    • Public administration
    • Consultants
    • Human Resources Departments
    • Political parties and trade unions
    • Advertising agencies
    • Communication cabinets
    • NGOs and development agencies
  • Access to master's and, later, doctoral studies

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