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Faculty of Human, Social and Educational Sciences


UPNA students

If you are a UPNA student you may study at a domestic or foreign university for a semester or academic year

International students

Would you like to come to study to UPNA? Are you going to study this year at UPNA?

Teaching staff mobility

Are you a teacher at another domestic or international university and you wish to stay at UPNA?

What does the Faculty of Human, Social and Educational Sciences of UPNA offer you?

The Faculty of Human and Social Sciences supports a comprehensive training for its students, and a wide cultural, social and human knowledge, including:

  • A wide international contact and collaboration network, with over 100 agreements which allow us to reach high levels of students’ and teachers’ exchange in many destinations in Europe, Australia, Canada, the United States, China, Korea, Central America and South America.
  • The possibility to carry out national or international exchanges, as well as international internships.
  • Visiting students may also carry out internships in our degrees.
  • A wide offer of courses in English and Spanish, as well as the English Language Center (ELC) Spanish, Language and Culture Programme for training in Spanish.
  • Professors at our faculty keep numerous contacts with foreign universities and manages several international research projects.